White Paper: Manufacturing & Prototyping

3D Scanning Boosts Accuracy and Efficiency of Bladed Disk Milling Process


Based in Ufa, Russia, Technopark Aviation Technologies – a provider of educational and scientific research and engineering services – worked closely with one of the country’s largest providers of gas turbine engines that designs, manufactures, and services high-performance gas turbine engines for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft and gas and oil producing sectors.

One of Technopark’s customers wanted to increase the accuracy and efficiency of its bladed disk milling process. The complex high-curvature surfaces of bladed disks used in gas turbine engines make them challenging components to manufacture.

The high complexity of the bladed disks and the stringent manufacturing precision they demanded meant the fine milling process for a wide range of different bladed disks was a labor-intensive and increasingly costly process.

Despite using a touch-trigger probe for on-machine disk measurement, each workpiece needed to be removed from the CNC machine after milling for offline measurement and inspection and then remounted for any further machining. This process needed to be repeated several times and was subject to human error.

To overcome this challenge, Technopark applied Renishaw’s OSP60 on-machine 3D scanning probe with SPRINT™ technology and Productivity+™ Scanning Suite. Use of the Renishaw equipment has had a significant impact on the bladed disk manufacturing process in terms of machining accuracy, speed, and labor costs.

The 3D scanning and measurement on the machine tool and at very high speed has generated exceptional time savings in the production process, resulting in a marked increase in CNC machine productivity.

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