White Paper: Manufacturing & Prototyping

Tremec Mexico Reduces Shop Floor Gauging Time of Daimler Parts by 85% with Equator™ Gauges


At the Tremec Queretaro plant near Mexico City, transmission systems are produced for Daimler, Volvo, GM, John Deere, and CNH. Tremec decided that its manufacturing process could be improved considerably, since the process control of parts was taking far too long. With a new Daimler gear project, it decided to use Renishaw Equator gauges to take a different approach during grinding and green gear turning. These cells produce 550-600 gears daily, all for export to the Daimler plant in the United States.

Previously, after each stage of production, some features were inspected in the quality room, taking around 20 minutes on average. For the best accuracy, more than an hour could be lost waiting for the part to ‘soak’ to the quality room temperature prior to measurement. With the Equator gauges alongside the machines, this was reduced to two and a half minutes.

Tremec uses Equator systems for gauging after the turning phase, where each Kuka robot loads and unloads two Mori Seiki lathes, with one in three sample gauging, followed by operators updating tool offsets when necessary. Tremec’s next project involves the installation of six more Mori Seiki stations and two more grinders, in addition to the installation of six Kuka robots. For grinding, it is planning to add another Equator system to complete three grinding cells.

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