White Paper: Materials

Enhance Corrosion Resistance of Metal Parts with Electropolishing


For critical metal parts made of stainless steels and other alloys, electropolishing is the preferred method for enhancing corrosion resistance.

As a more precise alternative to passivation, electropolishing eliminates microscopic defects left behind by the machining process to create an ultra-smooth, hygienic surface. Not only does electropolishing provide up to 30x more corrosion resistance than passivation, it also leaves the part in a passive state.

Able Electropolishing’s whitepaper on corrosion resistance provides real-world case studies and visual examples of electropolishing’s effect on a variety of metal alloys.

Electropolishing provides a reliable, high-quality finish with unmatched precision, removing surface defects and contamination for improved fit, function, and finish.

Benefits include:

  • Improved microfinish
  • Ultraclean surface
  • Enhanced cleanability
  • Antibacterial and pathogen-resistant surface
  • Improved life cycle

Learn more in our whitepaper on Electropolishing for Significantly Improved Corrosion Resistance.

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