White Paper: Photonics/Optics

Removing Outgassed Hydrogen from Electronic Packages


Most of electronic packages are required to be either hermetically sealed or kept in vacuum to maintain reliability of the internal parts for long-term operation. [1-3] However, these packages can often fail as a result of the outgassing of unwanted gas species such as hydrogen (H2), oxygen (O2), methane (CH4), and moisture (H2O). H2 has been identified as the most detrimental gas, which contributes to not only degrade the vacuum of the internal package, but often lead to the embrittlement or/ add moisture when oxygen presents in the package. For example, loss of the vacuum may dampen a pressure MEMS sensor’s diaphragm ductility or shift vibration frequency of an accelerator by reduced load carrying capacity. To mitigate outgassed H2 induced package failure modes, a getter could be used to remove outgassed H2 away from an electronic package for long-term operation.

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