White Paper: Robotics, Automation & Control

Magneto-inductive Sensors Combine the Advantages of Both Inductive and Magnetic Sensors


mainSENSOR is based on an innovative measuring principle, which has been developed by Micro-Epsilon in order to combine the advantages of both inductive and magnetic sensors. Magneto-inductive sensors are frequently used as alternative to inductive sensors and proximity sensors in process automation, the packaging industry and in machine monitoring. Measuring the distance to a magnet which is fixed at the measurement object, the sensors output a continuous, linear signal.

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Benefit from the advantages magneto-inductive sensors offer:

  • Selectable measuring ranges up to 55mm
  • Ideal alternative to inductive sensors and proximity sensors
  • Ideal for customer-specific designs and high-volume application
  • High basic sensitivity and temperature stability
  • Long-life sensor due to non-contact measurement

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