White Paper: Sensors/Data Acquisition

LVR, A Novel Alternative to LVDTs for Linear Measurement In Harsh Environments


This paper is a description of the LVR (linear variable resonance) sensor, a new patented non-contact linear position sensor. This sensor can operate in temperatures from cryogenic, -200 °C, up to kiln temperatures, >2000 °C. This large range of operation is due to two inherent properties of the LVR.

The first and most important is that the electronics for operating the sensor can be in a remote location away from the harsh environment. The sensor itself consists of a simple wire coil and a ceramic insulator, both of which can easily survive extremes of temperature, pressure, radiation and chemical attacks. The other factor is the fact that the measuring technology is a stable resonant circuit which has little sensitivity to temperature and is extremely accurate.

In this paper we will be discussing first the basic physics of this sensor and then the physical characteristics of the sensor itself. Although the bulk of this paper will be concerning the application of this technology to linear sensors, the same technology applies to rotary, gap and liquid level measurements. The sensor is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Some of these applications are described in appendix A.

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