White Paper: IoMT

Smart Sensors – A Key Factor in IoT Success


Sensors have evolved to perform a technically and economically viable role within the IoT environment. In this article, we have seen how chip manufacturers and researchers have been responding to the IoT’s need for smart sensors. This has partly been a matter of adding intelligence and communications capabilities to the basic transducer function, but it also involves improved fabrication.By integrating the MEMS sensor elements and CMOS computing components onto a single substrate, smart sensors can be implemented in small, low-cost packages that can be embedded in space-constrained applications with resilience to their environmental conditions. IoT designers can now source the sensors that they need — small, cheap, resilient, and low-power enough for ubiquitous deployment, while having the intelligence to deliver useful information as well as raw data. They also facilitate more flexible, granular automation, as they can accept incoming commands for re-calibration to accommodate production changes.

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