White Paper: Sensors/Data Acquisition

Fiber Optic Temperature Sensing in Harsh Environments Using Phosphor Thermometry


Fiber optic temperature sensors are entirely controlled by light and do not include any electrical components, making them critical for use in harsh environments where traditional electric sensors cannot perform reliably. As a result, they are immune to the effects of EMI, high voltage, lightning, and radiation. This electrical isolation makes fiber optics inherently safe to use, meaning there is no danger of sparking or overheating, even if a probe or cable breaks.

Temperature monitoring is vital to many processes, as extreme temperatures can damage manufacturing and testing capabilities. Some popular industries that use fiber optic sensors include, but are not limited to medical, military and government, oil & gas, civil infrastructure, industrial, power, and telecommunications.

This white paper will specifically describe phosphor thermometry, a robust technology that provides accurate and reliable temperature sensing, ideal for demanding applications.

Topics covered include:

  • Phosphorescent Thermometry
  • Temperature Sensor Technology Comparison
  • Product Overview
  • Applications

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