White Paper: Sensors/Data Acquisition

Leveraging Magnetic Sensitivity for Better Device Design


Understanding the role and behavior of digital magnetic sensors and sensitivity is essential in order to achieve cost-effective design of electronic applications within major markets such as industrial automation, white goods, security, and metering. Typical applications for sensors within these markets include level sensing, position or proximity sensing, and revolution counting.

The degree of magnetic sensitivity of a digital sensor can affect the number of sensors required within a device, the grade/cost needed for a magnet, as well as the distance and range for activation or detection. Magnetic sensitivity also affects resolution and precision. A basic understanding of magnetic units (Gauss or Tesla), the sensor’s magnetic sensitivity, and the importance of orientation with regard to angle will assist engineers in specifying the best magnetic sensor/magnet pairing for their device design. Coto Technology has comprehensive knowledge regarding the topic of magnetic sensitivity; therefore, Coto’s digital Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) magnetic sensors are featured in this generalized explanation of magnetic sensitivity.

In addition to high sensitivity, TMR sensors offer ultra-low power consumption (especially important with battery-powered devices) and miniature package size. Coto’s RedRock® series of analog and digital TMR magnetic sensors are ideally suited to the demands of next generation security, metering, medical, automotive, instrumentation, industrial markets, and literally any application requiring a magnet and sensor. And due to their ultra-low power, high sensitivity, miniature size, robustness, and availability, TMR sensors are now a popular alternative to Hall Effect sensors and Reed Switches. Target applications include fluid level detection, open-close detection, proximity sensing, rotary sensing, and any application where the device or product needs to wake up, turn on, and perform – thus providing a true “out-of-the-box” experience.

Download this white paper to understand how to leverage a digital sensor’s magnetic sensitivity to make your device design brilliant AND cost effective.

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