White Paper: Aerospace
DO-178C Best Practices For Engineers & Managers

Practice: We’ve all engaged in it: piano, math, golf, flying… Usually practice involves a modicum of coaching, self-help and repetition. In avionics development, however, there is little time for practice; instead, everything counts. And the result has little margin for error: Schedules, budgets and particularly safety are all on the line. How then can “practice” be reconciled with “avionics development”? The best answer is to understand the breadth of worldwide development and glean the best knowledge and solutions from the aviation ecosystem. Welcome to DO-178C Best Practices.

In flying, there are tradeoffs between payload, range, speed and costs. The vast breadth of aircraft types for sale today belies the simple fact that many persons prioritize these tradeoffs differently. However, the variations in avionics software development practices are much more constrained: Everyone wants to minimize the following attributes:

  • Cost
  • Schedule
  • Risk
  • Defects
  • Reuse Difficulty
  • Certification Roadblocks

The following pages provide the DO-178C Best Practices which can minimize all six of these important attributes in your development.

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