White Paper: Test & Measurement

New GASOMETER Design Uses Active Accommodation Offering Significant Improvements Vs. Liquid-sealed Methods


Active Accommodation means using a precision controlled and driven cylinder/piston assembly to collect and measure gas sample volumes without requiring energy to be extracted from the process that generates the gas. The mechanism uses lubricated O-Rings to seal the measuring chamber unlike classical Wet Test Meters that require a water or oil bath to produce an isolation seal.

The GASOMETER’S linear stepper-motor does not require continuous head-pressure to operate. Instead, a minute increase of input pressure commands the motor to move a piston, promptly returning the gas pressure back to virtually atmospheric. In addition to keeping the gas dry and uncompressed, the design greatly reduces frequent maintenance and re-calibration demands typical of liquid-sealed meters.

A complete list of its features show the unique and versatile functionality that help make this instrument state-of-the-art for this specialized field of volume metering.

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