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Digital Image Correlation (DIC) using high-speed cameras is gaining in popularity as a method for measuring material deformation and strain. That popularity is based on some real advantages of DIC over traditional sensors, and supported by advances in camera capabilities, integrator software, and new measurement techniques.

This white paper, “High-Speed Cameras Help Digital Image Correlation Show its Strength”, highlights the key advantages of DIC by reviewing examples of published applications ranging from fish movement to structural reactions to earthquakes, and other applications in-between. We also explore the measurements DIC provided in analyzing football helmet deformation at the University of Southern Mississippi. This builds on a recent case study we published,” University of Southern Mississippi Enlists High-Speed Imagery to Evaluate American Football Helmets”, and includes the actual videos of the DIC measurements of strain. This analysis will stick with anyone who watches the American Super Bowl in February. Finally, for those just getting into DIC, we provide a list of integrators and their software, and some things to think about when purchasing a system.

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