White Paper: Test & Measurement

New Force Gage Technology Offers Faster, Easier Alternative to Conventional Computer and Software-Based Force Measurement


Computers and software play a major role in force measurement and quality control. Whether in the engineering lab, quality control inspection area, receiving inspection or on the production floor, the use of computers and measurement software are beneficial to product quality and production efficiency.

But with computers and application software comes a variety of on-going support requirements, often involving IT personnel and ranging from ensuring the current software drivers have been installed to operating system updates to security requirements that prevent unauthorized modifications, to test setups and measurement results.

Software validation and conformance to regulatory requirements, such as 21 CFR Part 11, rightfully add layers of complexity to many testing applications and production operations where computers and software are involved. Supplier enhancements to their software, even modest upgrades, place a continual demand on IT resources with the possibility of impacting the operation’s throughput while validation and verification of new software are performed.

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