White Paper: Test & Measurement

Measuring Medical Lasers: How to Balance Price and Functionality


A focused laser beam should live up to previously defined specifications. For medical technology, precise adherence to parameters is of even greater importance. Both for regulatory and ethical reasons, the laser beam must be carefully tested throughout the entire value chain: from the development of the laser source to its application on the patient and/or production of medical products. Laser measurement is divided into two areas: (1) Pure measurement of a laser beam’s power or energy using sensors, and (2) Camera- or slit-based measurement methods that also display the laser’s beam profile. The application should be the deciding factor for which parameters need to be determined and which technology should be used. An essential feature for comparing different measuring instruments is their accuracy. A distinction is made between absolute accuracy, which indicates deviation from the true value, and repeatability, which compares values determined under the same conditions in successive measurements.

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