White Paper: Mechanical & Fluid Systems

White Paper: IVT vs Profile Rail


Profile rail (PRT) is a common linear guidance system where re-circulating ball bearings run on profiled steel rails fastened to a structure. One alternative, Integral-V™ Technology (IVT) from PBC Linear, uses cam rollers with a V-profile that runs on steel raceways. These raceways are mechanically fixed into a structural aluminum component to form a unified rail component. This white paper compares how the precision of the two systems are achieved from manufacturing to installation, as well as design and material costs for a theoretical application.

While the potential accuracy of an IVT system is slightly less than that of a bearing block system, many applications can use IVT systems successfully, and at a fraction of the cost. The final estimates in this white paper are approximate, but the bearing block and profile rail system are found to be 2.2 times higher in cost than an IVT system.

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