White Paper: Test & Measurement

White Paper: Simplicity® Bearings from PBC Linear vs. DryLin® Bearing from Igus


This white paper combines months of application research and experiments with years of recorded data on each product, bringing a final resolution as to which plain bearing lasts longer and costs less overall. The two candidates include the self-lubricating Frelon®-lined Simplicity bearings from PBC Linear and the IGUS DryLin bearings with injection-molded liners.

The first section of this white paper examines tribological differences, and then secondly discusses how each product performs in a similar application. Products are judged on wear rate, PV value, and safety factors to provide the reader with a complete breakdown on both bearings. The results reveal that substantial differences in bearing life should be expected, and one technology saves significantly more in replacement costs and lasts up to three times as long. Find out which one!

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