White Paper: Test & Measurement

Signal Generator, Signal and Spectrum Analyzer and Power Sensor Applications for 5G


Three things distinguish the 5G air interface from previous cellular generations: higher carrier frequencies, wider carrier bandwidths, and flexible physical layer parameterization to support different requirements. The impact of these features on 5G product development and testing includes the following areas.

  • Millimeter-wave signal generation and analysis
  • Wideband signal generation and analysis
  • Over-the-air testing
  • Signal configuration and analysis
  • Massive MIMO and beamforming/beam-steering verification

Rohde & Schwarz offers a variety of 5G-ready solutions for wideband signal generation applications ranging from research and development to production testing. Our vector signal generators distinguish themselves in their respective class with excellent RF performance out of the box, intuitive user interface, and a fully flexible hardware and software option concept.

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