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White Paper: Test & Measurement

How to Accomplish High Precision Absolute Measurements With White Light Interferometers


The requirements for distance and thickness measurements are extremely high in many applications. Film, flat glass, electronics, displays or semiconductor wafers must be manufactured to the highest precision. Interferometry has been a technique for measuring distance for over a century. These sensors can obtain absolute measurement distances without the need for a reference, allowing them to maintain a precision measurement value before and after signal interruption.

Learn in this paper how to achieve precise measurements down to the nanometer or subnanometer range with white light interferometers in industrial environments, clean rooms or under ultra-high vacuum.

Benefit from the special features

  • Measuring rate up to 6 kHz for high speed measurements
  • Best-in-Class: Resolution < 30 picometers
  • Sensors and cables suitable for vacuum
  • Patented pilot laser for easy sensor positioning

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