Keyword: Electrical systems

Briefs: Materials
The domino effect is used to design deployable systems that expand quickly with a small push and are stable and locked into place after deployment.
Briefs: Materials
The coating could make lightweight lithium metal batteries safe and long-lasting for the next generation of electric vehicles.
Briefs: Energy
A wearable energy harvesting device could generate energy from the swing of an arm while walking or jogging.
Briefs: Transportation
Fuse devices enable circuit safety in high-power applications, such as motion control and alternative energy generation, in addition to electric vehicles.
Briefs: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Applications include homeland security, vehicle anti-collision systems, telecommunications systems, and industrial instrumentation.
Briefs: Test & Measurement
A wireless sensor small enough to be implanted in the blood vessels of the human brain could help clinicians evaluate the healing of aneurysms.
Briefs: Electronics & Computers
The bus is designed for high-frequency, high-temperature operation in electric drive systems and next-generation power electronics.
Briefs: Materials
The functional transistors are integrated with ferroelectric RAM.
Briefs: Materials
This process turns carbon dioxide into carbon nanotubes with small diameters.
Briefs: Photonics/Optics
The switch is a major new step toward building a computer that uses light instead of electricity to process information.
Briefs: Green Design & Manufacturing
This controller minimizes the burden on the power grid.
Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition
The robot is built entirely from smaller robots and can form a robophysical system that can move by itself.
Briefs: Energy
This robot “blood” stores energy, transmits force, operates appendages, and provides structure, all in an integrated design.
Briefs: Materials
A solvent leaches cobalt and lithium for reuse from spent batteries.
Application Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Salty air the Dutch city of Harlingen causes exposed metal parts to corrode.
Articles: Electronics & Computers
With the rise in electrification and design complexity, aerospace original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) need to look for new methodologies to mitigate compliance risk.
Briefs: Energy

Researchers have developed a more efficient, more reliable potassium-oxygen battery with a cathode that stores the energy produced by a chemical reaction in a metal-oxygen or metal-air battery....

Technology Leaders: Software
As lithium-ion battery production doubles, more viable energy storage solutions are needed.
Briefs: Electronics & Computers
This optical switch controls the direction of light passing through optical fibers faster and more efficiently.
Briefs: Energy
A combination of additives shows promise for boosting battery performance in very cold or hot weather.
Briefs: Nanotechnology
The nanogenerator also acts as a weather station.
Briefs: Semiconductors & ICs
RFID-based devices work in indoor and outdoor lighting conditions and could transmit data for years before they need to be replaced.
Articles: Energy
Battelle's simple, cost-effective sensor detects the onset of battery faults.
Articles: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
A prototype of the AC 'Biode' battery has been developed at 20W.
Briefs: Energy

Car engines, laptop computers, cellphones, and refrigerators all heat up with overuse. That heat can be captured and turned into energy using a method that produces electricity from heat. The...

Briefs: Test & Measurement
Software Applications for the Control and Management of the Amine Swingbed Experiment

The Swingbed software applications provide for the control, command, fault detection, fault recovery, and telemetry monitoring aspects of the Amine Swingbed experiment. These software components are the Swingbed Loader Computer Software Configuration Item...

Briefs: Electronics & Computers

Excess heat given off by smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices contributes to malfunctions and, in extreme cases, can even cause lithium batteries to explode. To guard...

Briefs: Mechanical & Fluid Systems

Researchers have 3D-printed an all-liquid device that, with the click of a button, can be repeatedly reconfigured on demand to serve a wide range of applications from making battery materials to screening drug...

Articles: Materials
Permeable concrete, quick disconnects, and more