Keyword: Internet of things (IoT)

Briefs: Photonics/Optics
Using integrated photonic chips fabricated at EPFL, scientists have demonstrated laser-based microwave generators.
Articles: Sensors/Data Acquisition
The right sensors can cut machine building costs, improve flexibility, and boost customer satisfaction.
Technology Leaders: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Tim Brosnihan, Executive Director of SEMI’s MEMS & Sensors Industry Group (MSIG), talks about the current state of the MEMS industry and trends for the future,
Technology Leaders: Manufacturing & Prototyping

Bio-interfacing and biodegradable flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) devices can help tackle some of the world’s great challenges including environmental degradation and food...

Technology Leaders: Communications
Low-power radio design is enabling new connected IoT products for consumer, commercial, industrial, and medical markets.
Articles: Test & Measurement
Manufacturers are beginning to realize the same benefits by cloud-connecting their equipment and processes on the shop floor.
Briefs: RF & Microwave Electronics
The technology could help in elder care with sensors throughout a home.
Briefs: Energy
A wearable energy harvesting device could generate energy from the swing of an arm while walking or jogging.
Briefs: Electronics & Computers
Housed in a chip, it lets IoT devices communicate with existing WiFi networks.
Application Briefs: Lighting
Facility managers, real estate owners, as well as commercial and industrial businesses are looking to deploy IoT.
Articles: Communications
5G has the potential to provide connectivity for a range of different uses in manufacturing.
Briefs: Software
Software portal solutions can connect legacy control systems and field devices to the cloud.
Articles: Internet of Things
Sensing technology will help to transform manufacturing floors into the connected factories of the future.
Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition
RFID-based devices work in indoor and outdoor lighting conditions and could transmit data for years before they need to be replaced.
Articles: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Battelle's simple, cost-effective sensor detects the onset of battery faults.
Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition

A new wireless transceiver was developed that boosts radio frequencies into 100-gigahertz territory, which is quadruple the speed of the upcoming 5G, or fifth-generation, wireless communications...

Articles: Imaging

No longer just a buzzword, the Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly taking hold in many different industries, from aerospace and automotive, to medical and manufacturing. The IoT ecosystem incorporates...

Application Briefs: RF & Microwave Electronics

Industries are constantly searching for new approaches to advance operational efficiency and product quality. With unplanned downtime estimated to cost...

Articles: Electronics & Computers
We interviewed an industry expert about the role of inductive position sensors in the IIoT.
Articles: Sensors/Data Acquisition
The key to acceptance and adoption of a "smart home" will be enhancing total ease of ownership.
Articles: Imaging

Programmable automation controllers (PACs) play the primary role in IIoT systems. Also referred to as machine controllers, PACs provide a centralized architecture; they act as the...

Articles: Mechanical & Fluid Systems

Along with the onslaught of Internet of Things (IoT) and wirelessly enabled devices, cloud connectivity has become a major benefit for a range of applications from commercial to military. As...

Briefs: Semiconductors & ICs

Researchers have created technology that is 10 times more reliable than current methods of producing unclonable digital fingerprints that can be used to...

Briefs: Manufacturing & Prototyping

Researchers have created wearable technology to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. It presents a step toward the practical realization of self-powered, human-integrated technologies.

Articles: Electronics & Computers

The 2019 Sensors Expo and Conference will be held at the McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, CA from June 25 – 27. Both the expo and conference are excellent opportunities to get a good sense of important sensor...

Application Briefs: Imaging

Smart agriculture, also known as precision agriculture, allows farmers to maximize yields using minimal resources such as water, fertilizer, and...

Briefs: Semiconductors & ICs

Simon Fraser University and Swiss researchers are developing an eco-friendly, 3D printable solution for producing wireless Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensors that can be...

Articles: Manufacturing & Prototyping

In recent years, the emergence of Industry 4.0 has been steadily transforming the manufacturing sector into an ultra-high-tech industry. Innovative smart technologies such as robotics,...

Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition

Flexible and wearable sensors measure and track body motion, a task made more complex by the human anatomy’s numerous potential contortions. For a wearable sensor to work properly,...