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Learn about the sensors assessing and analyzing plant equipment.
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Battelle's simple, cost-effective sensor detects the onset of battery faults.
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Software Applications for the Control and Management of the Amine Swingbed Experiment

The Swingbed software applications provide for the control, command, fault detection, fault recovery, and telemetry monitoring aspects of the Amine Swingbed experiment. These software components are the Swingbed Loader Computer Software Configuration Item...

Briefs: Design

Advanced driver-assistance systems and autonomous drive technologies increase the complexity of automotive integrated circuits (ICs), making it harder to ensure that...

Briefs: Communications
Self-Stabilizing, Distributed, Symmetric, Fault-Tolerant Synchronization

Distributed systems have become an integral part of safety-critical computing applications, necessitating system designs that incorporate complex fault-tolerant resource management functions to provide globally coordinated operations with ultra-reliability. As a result,...

Briefs: Software
Power Outlet Analyzes Electrical Current Usage

Electrical interruptions, or “nuisance trips,” occur when a detector installed behind the wall trips an outlet's electrical circuit when it senses something that could be an arc-fault — a potentially dangerous spark in the electric line. The problem with today's arc-fault detectors is that...

Briefs: Software
Soil Moisture Active-Passive Project Spacecraft Flight Software

The Soil Moisture Active-Passive (SMAP) Project Spacecraft Flight Software controls all aspects of command and data handling (CDH) in the SMAP spacecraft. Required capabilities include uplink and command, telemetry and downlink, vehicle attitude control, science instrument control,...

Briefs: Software

System breakdowns in modern industrial environments can result in millions of dollars in lost time and productivity, and even the loss of life and property. In the utilities industry — where the...

Briefs: Information Technology
HyDE Model-Based Diagnosis Engine for Stochastic Hybrid Systems

Model-based diagnosis deals with the problem of diagnosing faults in systems using a model of the system for guidance. This problem is complicated by the presence of hybrid dynamics in the system (continuous evolution of the system interspersed with discrete events like commands to...

Articles: Electronics & Computers
Advances in Capacitor Materials

Electrochemical capacitors, or supercapacitors, have gained intense interest as an alternative to traditional energy storage devices. Applications for supercapacitors range from...

Briefs: Software
Interactive Diagnostic Modeling Evaluator

NASA’s Ames Research Center has developed an interactive diagnostic modeling evaluator (i-DME) tool to aid in modeling for noise and lag in the data and debugging of system models when fault detection, isolation, and recovery results are incorrect. i-DME is designed to dramatically speed up the...

Briefs: Electronics & Computers

NASA seeks partners interested in the commercial application of the In Situ Wire Damage Detection and Rerouting System (ISWDDRS). NASA’s Kennedy Space Center is soliciting licensees for this...

Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Outlier Detection Via Estimating Clusters

The Outlier Detection Via Estimating Clusters (ODVEC) software provides an efficient method for real-time or offline analysis of multivariate sensor data for use in anomaly detection, fault detection, and system health monitoring. ODVEC uses models automatically derived from archived system data to...

Briefs: Electronics & Computers
Fault Recovery for Multi-Phase Power Converters

A fault recovery method for multiphase power converters enables delivery of reduced output power of as much as 66% of normal power in the event of a shorted power switch component. The need for redundant power converters in conventional multi-phase space power systems is reduced, if not eliminated....

Briefs: Software
Physics-Model-Based Wiring Fault Detection Toolbox for MATLAB

This software provides a toolbox of MATLAB functions for detecting precursor wiring faults, such as chafing, in shielded impedance-controlled cable using measurements from off-the-shelf time domain reflectometry or vector network analyzer hardware. It advances the state-of-the-art in...

Articles: Aerospace
The Polariton Interferometer — A Novel Inertial Navigation System Frederick Moxley
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA
Briefs: Physical Sciences
Integrated Rate Isolation Sensor

Some vehicles use an internal measurement unit (IMU) system to determine the speed, acceleration, orientation, position, and/or direction of movement of the vehicle. Vehicles used for high-availability or life-critical systems may employ a fault-tolerant IMU design. Typically, such vehicles use three or more IMUs...

Briefs: Electronics & Computers

A monitoring network has been created that can be added to a battery consisting of many parallel cells. This network allows the health of individual cells, as measured by the current that...

Briefs: Electronics & Computers
Methods for Mitigating Space Radiation Effects, Fault Detection and Correction, and Processing Sensor Data

The Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) architecture being developed for space applications requires that sensor data be autonomously sampled and transmitted to the system network. This transmission needs to occur on a predetermined, fixed...

Briefs: Information Technology
Propellant Loading Physics Model for Fault Detection Isolation and Recovery

A Fault Detection, Isolation and Recovery (FDIR) system needs some internal concept of how the monitored system operates. This “operating concept” needs mathematical logic to represent the cause and effect relationship between constituent components of the system,...

Briefs: Information Technology
Discrete Data Qualification System and Method Comprising Noise Series Fault Detection

A Sensor Data Qualification (SDQ) function has been developed that allows the onboard flight computers on NASA’s launch vehicles to determine the validity of sensor data to ensure that critical safety and operational decisions are not based on faulty sensor...

Briefs: Information Technology

The avionics system software for human-rated launch vehicles requires an implementation approach that is robust to failures, especially the failure of sensors used to monitor...

Briefs: Physical Sciences
Anomaly Detection Techniques With Real Test Data From a Spinning Turbine Engine-Like Rotor

Online detection techniques to monitor the health of rotating engine components are becoming increasingly attractive to aircraft engine manufacturers in order to increase safety of operation and lower maintenance costs. Health monitoring remains a...

Briefs: Information Technology
Rotorcraft Diagnostics

Health management (HM) in any engineering systems requires adequate understanding about the system’s functioning; a sufficient amount of monitored data; the capability to extract, analyze, and collate information; and the capability to combine understanding and information for HM-related estimation and decision-making....

Articles: Motion Control

Medical equipment motion control runs the gamut from electric wheelchair motion to heart assist pumps. This article will focus on the segment consisting of medical laboratory instruments....

Application Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition

Fiber reinforced polymer composites are revolutionizing the design of large, high-performance structures in the aerospace, marine and power generation industries due to their...

Application Briefs: Photonics/Optics

Fiber reinforced polymer composites are revolutionizing the design of large, high-performance structures in the aerospace, marine and power generation industries due to their...

Briefs: Software

An efficient diagnosis engine — a combination of mathematical models and algorithms — has been developed for identifying faulty components in a possibly complex engineering system. This model-based...

Briefs: Information Technology
Wireless Avionics Packet To Support Fault Tolerance for Flight Applications

In this protocol and packet format, data traffic is monitored by all network interfaces to determine the health of transmitter and subsystems. When failures are detected, the network interface applies its recovery policies to provide continued service despite the...

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