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This supercapacitor promises storage, high power, and fast charging.
Briefs: Energy
Water-Based Battery Stores Solar and Wind Energy

Wind and solar energy generation creates challenges, since the Sun only shines by day, and sometimes the wind doesn't blow. Another variability is surges of demand on the grid. On a hot day when air conditioning is in use, utilities must have load-balancing strategies to meet peak demand. A...

Briefs: Materials

At high temperatures, currently available cast stainless steel alloys used for engine component applications do not have the long-term stability of their original castings, and are lacking in their...

Briefs: Energy

Phosphors are useful in numerous applications including lighting. Tantalates are very promising materials because they are especially robust and resistant to chemical degradation. Studies have...

Briefs: Lighting

Phosphors are useful in numerous applications including imaging, detection, and lighting. They come in forms of thin films, monoliths, or powders for miscellaneous devices, or dispersible nano...

Briefs: Materials

Investigators at the Johnson Space Center White Sands Test Facility (WSTF) have developed specifications of the amounts of alloying elements needed to increase the specific strengths of nickel alloys...

Briefs: Robotics, Automation & Control

Zinc telluride is a semiconductive material that has been found to become photorefractive when it is suitably doped with vanadium or with manganese and vanadium. The combination of...

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