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Articles: Manufacturing & Prototyping
By Steve Luby
President & Chief Executive Officer
Waltham, MA

Today, every company is searching for a sustainable competitive advantage, and getting great...

Briefs: Physical Sciences

In a proposed direct methanol fuel-cell electric-power-generating system, the fuel-cells would consume neat methanol, in contradistinction to the dilute aqueous methanol solutions consumed...

Application Briefs: Imaging
Star-P interactive parallel computing platform
Interactive Supercomputing (ISC)
Waltham, MA

NASA’s Optical...

Briefs: Software
Pattern Matcher for Trees Constructed From Lists

A software library has been developed that takes a highlevel description of a pattern to be satisfied and applies it to a target. If the two match, it returns success; otherwise, it indicates a failure. The target is semantically a tree that is constructed from elements of terminal and...

Briefs: Information Technology
Single-Point Access to Data Distributed on Many Processors

A description of the functions and data structures is defined that would be necessary to implement the Chapel concept of distributions, domains, allocation, access, and interfaces to the compiler for transformations from Chapel source to their run-time implementation for these concepts....

Briefs: Manufacturing & Prototyping

Self-advancing tool bits that are hybrids of drills and stepped taps make it possible to form threaded holes wider than about 1/2 in. (about 13 mm) without applying any more axial force than is necessary for...

Briefs: Information Technology
Representation-Independent Iteration of Sparse Data Arrays

An approach is defined that describes a method of iterating over massively large arrays containing sparse data using an approach that is implementation independent of how the contents of the sparse arrays are laid out in memory. What is unique and important here is the decoupling of the...

Briefs: Software
Implementing Access to Data Distributed on Many Processors
A reference architecture is defined for an object-oriented implementation of domains, arrays, and distributions written in the programming language Chapel.
Briefs: Manufacturing & Prototyping

A proposed noninvasive method of monitoring the cure path and the state of cure of an epoxy or other resin involves measurement of the concentration(s) of one or more compound(s) in...

Briefs: Software
Simulating Humans as Integral Parts of Spacecraft Missions

The Collaborative-Virtual Environment Simulation Tool (C-VEST) software was developed for use in a NASA project entitled "3-D Interactive Digital Virtual Human." The project is oriented toward the use of a comprehensive suite of advanced software tools in computational simulations for...

Application Briefs: Robotics, Automation & Control

In the industrial automation market, an increase in speed results in an increase in production rates. Increased production rates, in turn, lead to increased profit.

Briefs: Medical

A noninvasive, sensitive method of diagnosing certain pathological conditions of the human heart involves computational processing of digitized...

Application Briefs: Software
Teamcenter®product lifecycle management software
UGS Corp.
Plano, TX
Briefs: Software
Software for Partly Automated Recognition of Targets

The Feature Analyst is a computer program for assisted (partially automated) recognition of targets in images.

This program was developed to accelerate the processing of high-resolution satellite image data for incorporation into geographic information systems (GIS). This program creates an...

Briefs: Physical Sciences

An instrument that measures the characteristic lifetime of fluorescence of chlorophyll has been invented for in situ, real-time oceanographic studies of photosynthesis in...

Briefs: Information Technology

Optimization Modeling Assistant (OMA) is an expert-system computer program that assists its users in the development of mathematical and algorithmic models for optimization. As used...

Briefs: Electronics & Computers

As electronic circuits become more densely packaged and higher in power, maintaining them within permissible temperature ranges becomes a major issue. This is especially true in the case of...

Briefs: Electronics & Computers
Plasma Window Technology for Propagating Particle Beams and Radiation from Vacuum to Atmosphere

Plasma windows can separate vacuum and atmosphere, or regions of high and low vacuums, in a way which facilitates transmission of various particle beams and/or radiation from low- to high-pressure regions. In a prototype device, a stabilized plasma...

Briefs: Information Technology
Work-Measurement and Methods-Analysis Studies of the OPF

Two reports describe early phases of continuing studies directed toward the selection and adaptation of industrial work-measurement and methods-analysis procedures for application to the Orbiter Processing Facility (OPF) at Kennedy Space Center. These studies were prompted by a need to...