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To find out about the impact of 5G mobile broadband service on the IoT/IIoT, I interviewed Jai Suri, Vice President, IoT and Blockchain Applications Development, Oracle, and Mike Anderson, Embedded Systems...

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Briefs: Imaging
Using radar commonly deployed to track speeders and fastballs, the automated system “sees” around corners to spot oncoming traffic and pedestrians.
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Briefs: Photonics/Optics
University of Colorado researchers have described a new silicon chip that improves the resolution and scanning speed needed for a lidar system.
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Briefs: Information Technology
Probabilistic Path Planning of Montgolfier Balloons in Strong, Uncertain Wind Fields

Lighter-than-air vehicles such as hot-air balloons have been proposed for exploring Saturn’s moon Titan, as well as other bodies with significant atmospheres. For these vehicles to navigate effectively, it is critical to incorporate the effects of surrounding...