Keyword: Ignition timing

Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition

Data acquisition plays a critical role in improving vehicle component performance and overall system reliability. Measuring engine parameters, including...

Briefs: Materials
Multi-Species Turbulent Mixing Under Supercritical-Pressure Conditions

A model describing supercritical-pressure, multi-species turbulent mixing has been developed to simulate situations prevailing in diesel, gas turbine, and HCCI (homogeneous charge compression ignition) engines. It is also a situation occurring in atmospheric planetary...

Briefs: Materials
A Model of Reduced Kinetics for Alkane Oxidation Using Constituents and Species for N-Heptane

The reduction of elementary or skeletal oxidation kinetics to a subgroup of tractable reactions for inclusion in turbulent combustion codes has been the subject of numerous studies. The skeletal mechanism is obtained from the elementary mechanism by...

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