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Briefs: Materials
Scientists develop a new approach for miniaturization of soft ultra-compact and highly integrated sensor units for directional tactile sensitivity in e-skin systems.
Articles: Electronics & Computers

High-speed digital imaging expands the benefits of traditional machine vision (MV), transforming it from a process control tool into a diagnostic tool. Traditional MV systems use...

Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition

An ultra-sensitive heat sensor was developed that is based on the fact that certain materials are thermoelectric. The electrons in a thermoelectric material move from the cold side to the...

Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition

Scientists have developed color-changing, flexible photonic crystals that could be used to develop sensors that warn when an earthquake might strike next. The wearable, robust, and low-cost...

Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition

Through the use of magnetic fields, scientists have developed an electronic sensor that can simultaneously process both touchless and tactile stimuli. Prior attempts have so far failed to combine these functions...

Briefs: Wearables

Soft pressure sensors have received significant research attention in a variety of fields including soft robotics, electronic skin, and wearable electronics. Researchers have developed a highly sensitive...

Briefs: Test & Measurement

Engineers have remotely determined the temperature beneath the surface of certain materials using a new technique called depth thermography. The method may be useful in applications where...

Briefs: Photonics/Optics

Any space, enclosed or open, can be vulnerable to the dispersal of harmful airborne biological agents. Silent and near-invisible, these bioagents can sicken or kill living things before...

Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition

Researchers have developed electronic skin (e-skin) that is applied directly on top of real skin. Made from soft, flexible rubber, it can be embedded with sensors that...

5 Ws: Electronics & Computers
Wireless sensors inspired by Dandelions could be used to monitor climate change.
Briefs: Robotics, Automation & Control
A carbon-based biosensor could drive new innovations in brain-controlled robotics.
Briefs: Motion Control
These materials can detect when they are damaged, take the necessary steps to temporarily heal themselves, and then resume work.
Briefs: Motion Control
A new study challenges the conventional approach to designing soft robotics and metamaterials by utilizing the power of computer algorithms.
Technology Leaders: Test & Measurement
InGaAs is interesting, but is it useful?
Application Briefs: AR/AI
Learn the internal functioning of an AI processor that pulls from a variety of sensors, including radar, lidar, sonar, and cameras.
Articles: Data Acquisition
The biggest challenge in the provisioning process: ensuring that a device and the connection to the network and server are secure.
Q&A: Materials
Dr. Israel Owens and his team at Sandia National Laboratories have used a crystal smaller than a dime and a laser smaller than a shoebox to safely measure 20 million volts without making physical contact to the electrode.
Articles: Electronics & Computers
Flexible electrodes, NASA sensors, and anti-corrosion compounds.
Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition

Engineers have developed a sensor system and manufacturing process for smart contact lenses. The sensor system contains a photodetector for receiving optical information, a temperature sensor for...

Q&A: Materials
An "E-Skin" material can be printed without polymer binders.
Articles: Green Design & Manufacturing
A tiny investment in system capital expenditures can lead to huge rewards in reduced capital and operating expenses.
Briefs: Motion Control
This artificial muscle technology enables more human-like motion.
Technology Leaders: RF & Microwave Electronics
Learn about light-field candidates like camera arrays, plenoptic cameras, active cameras with depth sensor, and the newly developed focal-stack camera.
Application Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Any hyperspectral system needs to maintain a stable and accurate radiometric and spectral calibration.
Articles: Motion Control
Articles: Imaging
The COVID crisis is propelling the camera industry toward disruptive transformation.
Briefs: Nanotechnology
This work potentially opens the door to advances like more energy-efficient electronic devices.
Articles: Sensors/Data Acquisition
The right sensors can cut machine building costs, improve flexibility, and boost customer satisfaction.
Articles: Mechanical & Fluid Systems

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