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The lightweight brake rotor design with high heat dissipation uses novel surface cooling technology.
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A new COVID test, a "ChromoUpdate," and NASA's brake rotor.
Articles: Automotive
Heavy Duty Aftermarket Super Truck George Sturmon, Ed Murray, Josh Medling, Susan Schmidt, and Glen Harris
Sullivan, MO

The Heavy Duty...

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Researchers at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center have been interested in using the Dynamic Inertia Measurement (DIM) method on full-scale aerospace test...

Articles: Test & Measurement

Product research and development on internal combustion engines, brake rotors, tires, and high-speed airbags are just a few of the areas that truly benefit...

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During a vehicle's braking action, a wheel's kinetic energy is transformed into heat, which doesn't dissipate fast enough into the air stream from the brake...