Keyword: Military vehicles and equipment

Application Briefs: Robotics, Automation & Control

MBDA is one of the leading European manufacturers in the aerospace and armaments sector, specializing in the design of missiles and missile systems for the operational needs of the...

NASA Spinoff: Manufacturing & Prototyping
NASA-derived air-quality technologies help curtail the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.
Briefs: Energy
Applications include power and energy, communications, and sensors.
Briefs: Robotics, Automation & Control
The model allows robots to ask clarifying questions to soldiers.
Facility Focus: Robotics, Automation & Control
The "ERDC" helps solve problems in civil and military engineering, geospatial sciences, water resources, and environmental sciences.
Briefs: AR/AI
Dangerous “butterfly” landmines can be detected using low-cost drones and infrared cameras.
Briefs: Materials
The new material could provide efficient and reusable protection from shock, vibration, and explosion.
Briefs: RF & Microwave Electronics
A robot could immediately alert a human of small changes in their surrounding environment.
Articles: Unmanned Systems
As the vehicle platform size decreases, the pulse power discharge rates of the Energy Storage System (ESS) increase.
Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition
The next generation of waterproof smart fabrics can be laser-printed and made in minutes.
5 Ws: Test & Measurement
With a smartphone camera, a new diagnostic test provides a positive or negative COVID-19 result in 15 to 30 minutes.
Briefs: Software
A higher-order network could be built that looks for subtle changes in data that point to suspicious activity.
Facility Focus: Unmanned Systems
See how "APL" is developing ways to ensure the safety and performance of autonomous systems.
Application Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Soldiers tend to dodge, dive, duck, and run, creating motion measurement challenges.
Briefs: Energy
These composites could improve how unmanned vehicles dissipate energy.
Briefs: Robotics, Automation & Control
An inexpensive gyroscope could help drones and autonomous cars stay on track without a GPS signal.
Application Briefs: Materials
With the recent boom in touch-based, polymer display substrates must be fingerprint-resistant.
Briefs: Wearables
This on-skin electronic device provides a personal air conditioner without electricity.
Briefs: Materials
The coating could make lightweight lithium metal batteries safe and long-lasting for the next generation of electric vehicles.
Facility Focus: Sensors/Data Acquisition
The Army Test and Evaluation Command provides essential information to acquisition decision-makers and commanders.
Articles: Aerospace
Moghbeli has accumulated more than 150 combat missions and 2,000 hours of flight time in more than 25 different aircraft.
Briefs: Motion Control
This technology could impact new directions in robotics design.
5 Ws: Materials
With the new microlattice pads, players will have greater protection from both single hits and a series of impacts.
NASA Spinoff: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Research in astronaut monitoring leads to virtual reality spinoffs.
Briefs: Energy
Applying a surface-active agent makes metal easier to cut and shape into parts and pieces.
Articles: Test & Measurement
The AIRGARD® air analyzer has been deployed to protect multiple critical infrastructure locations.
Briefs: Robotics, Automation & Control

The Advanced Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robotic System (AEODRS) features a modular open systems architecture that enables the robot to be self-righting after a fall. The self-righting...

Briefs: Test & Measurement

Scientists of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and École Poly-technique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) have reported that they achieved the fastest distance measurement attained so...

Application Briefs: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Woburn, MA

Headquartered at Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey, The United States Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) is the...