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Special Reports: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Smart Factory/IIoT - September 2022

Factories are getting "smarter" and more automated by the day, thanks to advances in AI, robotics, connectivity and sensors. In this compendium of recent articles from the editors of Tech Briefs and Sensor...

Articles: AR/AI

The production and supply of lithium-ion batteries for the global EV and stationary energy storage systems (ESS) markets is growing at an exponential rate. At the same...

Briefs: Energy
The system makes it possible to integrate data from prior experiments, and information based on personal observations by experienced workers, into the machine learning process.
Issue Archive: Data Acquisition
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INSIDER: Motion Control

Just like us, robots can’t see through walls. Sometimes they need a little help to get where they’re going. Engineers at Rice University have developed a method that allows humans to help...

INSIDER: Robotics, Automation & Control

A new general-purpose optimizer can speed up the design of walking robots, self-driving vehicles, and other autonomous systems.

INSIDER: Motion Control

We tend to take our sense of touch for granted in everyday settings, but it is vital for our ability to interact with our surroundings. Imagine reaching into the fridge to grab an egg for...

Question of the Week: Robotics, Automation & Control
Blog: Artificial Intelligence: Meet Human Intelligence

In my first blog, Designing from the Outside In vs. the Inside Out, I wrote about my long-ago design principle of starting a design with the user interface. But in those days, once the design was finalized that was it — I design it, it gets built, and the user uses it.

Briefs: Electronics & Computers
The researchers plan to apply the design to edge computing devices.
Briefs: Design
The piezoelectric “meta-bot” is capable of propulsion, movement, sensing, and decision-making.
Briefs: AR/AI
The robots will be challenged to carry out work too dangerous for humans.
Articles: Manufacturing & Prototyping

Although industrial factories and processing plants have long been automated, it remains vital for human decision-making to be involved in operations, sometimes to a great extent. Automation in...

Blog: Robotics, Automation & Control
A designer’s job gets much more complicated when artificial intelligence is part of the system.
On-Demand Webinars: AR/AI

The recent AIAG-VDA FMEA and SAE J1739 publications introduce significant and innovative changes to FMEA methodology, enhanced further with the introduction of multipoint FMEAs...

Application Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition

We are currently moving into the next automation age. It is a world where your personal devices will help you track your health in real time, while conveniently connecting with your...

Briefs: Motion Control

Robotic vision has come a long way, reaching a level of sophistication with applications in complex and demanding tasks, such as autonomous driving and object...

On-Demand Webinars: Sensors/Data Acquisition

From automotive to electronics, automation is disrupting traditional manufacturing methods across several industries. Connected manufacturing is on a path of continued growth as...

Question of the Week: Design
Do you think internal imaging of materials could become a practical design tool?

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a technique to determine material properties, like stress and strain, based on an image of the material showing its internal structure.

Articles: AR/AI

This column presents technologies that have applications in commercial areas, possibly creating the products of tomorrow. To learn more about each technology, see the contact information provided for that...

Blog: AR/AI
See what Ed Brown’s early days as a high-voltage power supplies designer tell him about today’s efforts with A.I.
Articles: Semiconductors & ICs
Increasingly powerful integrated circuit and system-on-chip devices are growing in importance to vehicle design.
Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition
The ALFaLDS detection tool supports oil plants.
Briefs: AR/AI
A research team demonstrated a way to recover phase information.
Briefs: Software
The new computer simulation method can equip engineers and doctors with better information.
Briefs: Software
The advance could accelerate engineers’ design process by eliminating the need to solve complex equations.
Application Briefs: AR/AI
Learn the internal functioning of an AI processor that pulls from a variety of sensors, including radar, lidar, sonar, and cameras.
Briefs: AR/AI
The technology is aimed at protecting physical targets, such as utilities and infrastructure.
INSIDER: Software

Engineers at Caltech, ETH Zurich, and Harvard are developing artificial intelligence (AI) that will allow autonomous drones to use ocean currents to aid their navigation, rather...

Briefs: AR/AI
An AI framework enables scientists to improve an imaging technique, enhancing the performance of electron microscopes.