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Products: Imaging
Varjo™ Technologies announced a 2D/3D immersive "Workspace."
Articles: Photonics/Optics
SPIE Photonics West 2020 returns to The Moscone Center in San Francisco, February 1 through February 6
Briefs: Medical
The self-contained technology is similar to the smart watches that monitor heart rate.
Articles: Electronics & Computers
Sensing technology will help to transform manufacturing floors into the connected factories of the future.
Blog: AR/AI
Briefs: Motion Control
Neural Lander Uses AI to Land Drones Smoothly

Landing multi-rotor drones smoothly is difficult. Complex turbulence is created by the airflow from each rotor bouncing off the ground during a descent. This turbulence is not well understood nor is it easy to compensate for, particularly for autonomous drones. That is why takeoff and landing are...

Briefs: AR/AI

Robotics has traditionally focused on industrial applications in which robots require strength and precision to carry out repetitive tasks. These robots flourish in highly...

Question of the Week: Software
Have You Used Machine Learning in Your Design Efforts?

A team from the University of Pittsburgh recently used machine-learning to create a butterfly-inspired, self-healing glass. Models from the San Francisco-based software company SigOpt helped engineers determine ideal characteristics for the material.

Application Briefs: Wearables

Early wearable fitness monitoring devices were designed to perform a set of valuable but straightforward activities: tallying the number of steps we take daily, recording the number of hours we sleep,...

Question of the Week: AR/AI
If artificial intelligence outsmarts two live contestants, is that a bad sign for the humans?
This week's question addresses a robot and one of America's most well-known game shows. A supercomputer named Watson, designed by IBM and consisting of 90 IBM Power 750 Express servers, is set to face two human contestants on the US quiz show Jeopardy this...

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