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A disclosed technology allows a factory-installed seatbelt to be tightened from gentle to extreme. The seatbelt works like an aircraft seat belt: when tightened, it stays tight.View this technology here.

A technology has been made available improving how safely children are strapped in their safety seats. View...

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Software Patch

A researcher at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) has developed a software patch that can increase a car's fuel efficiency to a total fuel savings of 2.6%, without having to replace any of the parts of the car. Uploading a software patch to the car's computer and adding one small cable suffices.

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While the latest news surrounding the U.S. auto industry continues to be focused on slumping sales and production cutbacks, automakers continue to turn out cars that highlight the...

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A government/ industry/ academic cooperative has developed a hybrid electric transit bus (HETB). The goals of the development program, which continues, include doubling the fuel...

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Experiments have shown that nonreactive ion-beam sputtering can be used to deposit a transparent film of aluminum oxide on a polycarbonate, silicon, or fused-silica substrate....

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