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A study has perhaps solved the wind-turbine issue of causing harm to bats.
Technology & Society: Electronics & Computers
SprayBox can target individual weeds and crops at a 20-per-second rate and then spray them at a millimeter’s accuracy.
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Briefs: Power
Redox flow batteries are stationary batteries in which the energy is located in the electrolyte, outside of the cell itself, as in a fuel cell.
Blog: Power
See Tech Briefs’ most-read stories of 2022.
Technology & Society: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
A zero-emission reusable stratospheric balloon developed by Urban Sky for remote sensing could one day be used for real-time wildfire monitoring.
Blog: Electronics & Computers
The battery was made using sodium-sulphur — a type of molten salt that can be processed from sea water at a low cost.
Blog: Materials
A research team has demonstrated a promising method to easily manufacture self-folding origami honeycomb structures.
Articles: Power
Today, batteries are the new engine for innovative electric vehicle (EV) development.
INSIDER: Communications

A group of scientists in Nagoya University, Japan, have developed a possible solution to one of the biggest problems of the Internet of Energy, energy efficiency. They did so by...

News: Sensors/Data Acquisition

Combined research efforts from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Sweden found evidence of a surprising and distressing history in the seabed in front of the Florida-sized...

Special Reports: Energy
Automotive Test & Simulation - November 2022

In this compendium of articles from the editors of Automotive Engineering magazine, learn about the latest simulation and test technologies for ADAS, EV batteries, NVH, vehicle cybersecurity, and...

Blog: Energy
Scientists say that such oil-rich duckweed could easily be harvested to produce biofuels or other bioproducts.
Articles: Energy
Research and development work continue to deliver cleaner, more efficient, and more diverse ways of generating the energy we need to power modern society.
Articles: Green Design & Manufacturing
The core of the Green Screen consists of noise-absorbing mineral wool, which also serves as a vertical surface for evaporating rain coming from the roofs of the adjacent buildings.
Articles: Electronics & Computers
Some of the hardest to detect cyber-attacks are wireless, including man-in-the-middle attacks and rogue access points.
Articles: Energy
When solar panels are placed horizontally, they harvest 15-20 percent less energy from the sun, and hence consumers end up paying a higher price for the harvested energy.
White Papers: Green Design & Manufacturing
Chlor-Alkali Process Efficiency: A Balancing Act

One-size-fits-all chlor-alkali membranes don't exist, but partnering with membrane suppliers will help you choose the right membrane for your needs and give you the tools to optimize its...

Blog: Green Design & Manufacturing
According to the NASA Earth Observatory, air temperatures on Earth have been rising since the Industrial Revolution. Here is a suggestion about one way that engineers could help reduce the problems caused by that in their everyday work.
Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Using state-of-the-art indium phosphide transistors and a basic computer and mirrors, researchers were able to produce images of concealed bodies.
Q&A: Power
Ben Ollis and a team of engineers from Oak Ridge National Laboratory are creating a novel orchestrator tool to manage a cluster of microgrids so they can directly support and communicate with each other, making them more resilient during long power outages. It is being installed as a demonstration project in the small town of Adjuntas in the Central Mountains of Puerto Rico.
5 Ws: Green Design & Manufacturing
A group of University of Texas at Dallas researchers have invented energy-harvesting yarns made from carbon nanotubes that produce electricity when repeatedly stretched.
Blog: Energy
Engineers developed soft devices containing algae that glow when under mechanical stress —perfect for building soft robots.
Briefs: RF & Microwave Electronics
The design produces a compact, efficient, long-lifetime laser transmitter as needed for use in space, while also having potential applications as an airborne or ground-based wind measurement tool.
Briefs: Materials
By incorporating a special type of plastic yarn and using heat to slightly melt it — a process called thermoforming — the researchers were able to greatly improve the precision of pressure sensors woven into multilayered knit textiles, which they call 3DKnITS.
Blog: Sensors/Data Acquisition
One method for keeping removed carbon out of the atmosphere long-term involves injecting CO2 into rock formations deep underground.
INSIDER: Electronics & Computers

A collaborative effort has installed electronic “brains” on solar-powered robots that are 100 to 250 micrometers in size — smaller than an ant’s head — so that they can walk autonomously...

Quiz: Green Design & Manufacturing
How much do you know about the advances regarding to electric aircraft?
Blog: Design
The EU has already declared that the nonbiodegradable microplastics must be eliminated by 2025, but a team of MIT scientists has perhaps expedited that timeline.

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