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How much do you know about the advances regarding to electric aircraft?
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The EU has already declared that the nonbiodegradable microplastics must be eliminated by 2025, but a team of MIT scientists has perhaps expedited that timeline.
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A polymer breaking enzyme when infused into plastic causes the material to break down into its original components when submerged in compost or even warm water.
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Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst recently announced that they have figured out how to engineer a biofilm that harvests the energy in evaporation...

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Flow Battery Solutions that Outperform Alternative Technologies

Unlike other rechargeable energy storage technologies, flow batteries provide a more cost-effective option for large energy storage applications, and offer easy maintenance,...

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Researchers at University of Cambridge have developed floating “artificial leaves” that generate clean fuels from sunlight and water and could eventually operate on a large scale at sea.
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Energy Storage Materials Make Batteries More Efficient and Heat-Resistant
In redox flow batteries, the energy-storing components are dissolved in a solvent and can be stored at a decentralized location.
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A team of researchers at EMPA have developed a water-activated disposable paper battery.
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Over the course of their research, the team discovered that these anthraquinones decompose slowly over time, regardless of how many times the battery has been used.
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A solar thermal device mimics photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide emissions into a clean energy resource.
Special Reports: Automotive
Power Electronics - August 2022

This compendium of recent articles from the editors of Tech Briefs and Aerospace & Defense Technology looks at the latest advances in power electronics and energy storage for a range of applications...

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The design could someday enable a fully decarbonized power grid.
Special Reports: Transportation
Vehicle Electrification - July 2022

Innovation is happening at a rapid pace in the e-mobility space. Read this compendium of recent articles from the editors of Automotive Engineering and Truck & Off-Highway Engineering to learn about...

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Wireless sensors inspired by Dandelions could be used to monitor climate change.
NASA Spinoff: Manufacturing & Prototyping
NASA-derived air-quality technologies help curtail the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.
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Making one kilometer of a two-lane road would use up about three million masks.
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Improving Lithium-Ion Batteries eBook

Raman spectroscopy has many advantages but the most important ones for battery applications are those that involve subtle changes in molecular structure or local chemical environments. This eBook...

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An MIT team has a water-free way to charge up dust on solar panels and repel it away.
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Researchers have created an electronic microsystem that can intelligently respond to information inputs without any external energy input, much like a...

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A new catalyst and microchannel reactors improve efficiency and cost of the process.
Briefs: Green Design & Manufacturing
The aerogels safely remove contaminants from water without releasing any problematic chemical residue.
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The long-lasting, environmentally benign fire-retarding treatment, if used on high-risk areas, could dramatically cut the number of fires that occur each year.
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This remote forest fire detection and alarm system is powered by nothing but the movement of the trees in the wind.
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The sustainable material offers a zero-waste solution to boost recycling and support the circular economy.
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Carbon nanotubes are used to create solar cells with unprecedented flexibility and resistance.
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A method converts cotton into sugar, which can be turned into spandex, nylon, or ethanol.
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Canadian battery recycling company Li-Cycle is leveraging its sustainable process to provide an end-of-life solution for lithium-ion batteries.
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Activated carbon made from corn stover filters 98 percent of a pollutant from water.