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NASA Spinoff: Aerospace
NASA technology is enabling airline flight managers to improve managing traffic on the ground and scheduling departures.
Quiz: Green Design & Manufacturing
How much do you know about the advances regarding to electric aircraft?
Briefs: Weapons Systems
Using mPOD, “adversary” pilots can emulate enemy jamming techniques accurately, conditioning aircrews to evolving threat scenarios and better preparing them for real combat.
Briefs: Manned Systems
An experimental plant-based jet fuel could increase engine performance and efficiency, while dispensing with aromatics, the pollution-causing compounds found in conventional fuels.
Special Reports: Test & Measurement
Test & Measurement - September 2022

Test strategies to track hypersonic threats…overcoming challenges of EV battery and electric aircraft testing…an innovative way to measure the thermal properties of materials. These are just a few of...

Briefs: Unmanned Systems
For drones to autonomously perform necessary but quotidian tasks, they must be able to adapt to wind conditions in real time.
Briefs: Transportation
This simple, elegant invention can control flow separation resulting from the high flap deflections required by simple-hinged flap systems making such flaps a viable option for aircraft designers.
Briefs: Energy
Inducing TR in a battery cell allows engineers to test and improve the safety performance of overheated batteries that can potentially catch fire or explode.
Issue Archive: Lighting
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Blog: Unmanned Systems
The Trojan Unmanned Hover Plane (UHP) is a one-of-a-kind system that bridges the gap between the need to hover and the need to reach long ranges, giving it the ability to perform aerial missions with pinpoint precision.
White Papers: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Cause and Effect: The Fundamentals of Aerospace Failure Analysis

There are millions of large and small parts, assembled components, subsystems, and structures built by a myriad of suppliers that all must come together to manufacture the...

Special Reports: Aerospace
Power Electronics - August 2022

This compendium of recent articles from the editors of Tech Briefs and Aerospace & Defense Technology looks at the latest advances in power electronics and energy storage for a range of applications...

Briefs: Aerospace
Acoustic optimization for anti-phase asymmetric rotor.
Briefs: Manned Systems
New design removes the need for mechanisms to perform active tilting of the wings or rotors, reducing system mass.
Briefs: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Gust load alleviation is an increasing concern for the design of fixed-wing aircraft with ultra-high aspect wings.
Briefs: Propulsion
A lightweight alternative to rudders for aircraft with spanwise adaptive wings.
Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition
The process predicts when and where microscopic cracks will occur before they become catastrophic.
On-Demand Webinars: Transportation

12:00 pm U.S. EDT

The components that make up electric vehicle (EV) propulsion systems are critical to overall vehicle performance and efficiency. This 60-minute Webinar...

INSIDER: Transportation

An autonomous spacecraft exploring the far-flung regions of the universe descends through the atmosphere of a remote exoplanet. The vehicle, and the researchers who programmed...

Quiz: Aerospace
Supersonic flight over land could soon be reality. Take this quiz to prep and test your knowledge about supersonic travel.
Special Reports: Test & Measurement
Space Technology - July 2022

Read about a novel approach to space mining, an advanced propulsion system for hypersonic flight to Mach 17, how digital technology is fueling a new space economy, and much more in this compendium of recent...

White Papers: Aerospace
Electrical System Design and Integration

The wire harness and its associated systems are part of an exciting ride into the future. Although wiring may not be a topic that first comes to mind when imagining future innovations in aerospace,...

White Papers: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Electric Aircraft Take Off With HBK’s Help

The electrification of an aircraft is a popular topic as the goal of making airplanes for more efficient, less costly to operate, and more environmentally friendly is at an all-time high. This...

Briefs: Materials

Engineers have created a highly effective way to paint complex 3D-printed objects, such as lightweight frames for aircraft and biomedical stents, that could save manufacturers time and money and provide new...

On-Demand Webinars: Defense

Modern technologies for aerospace and defense applications – including ground vehicles, aircraft, and space vehicles – are placing...

Podcasts: Sensors/Data Acquisition
A team at Massachusetts Institute of Technology is adding function to fibers. We speak to MIT’s Dr. Yoel Fink about acoustic fabrics.
Articles: Electronics & Computers
Thanos Yiagopoulos, Chief Technology Officer of Momentive Performance Materials, discusses how engineers can determine the best product for their application.
Articles: Defense

We've made some impressive strides from both a societal and industry perspective in the face of this unrelenting pandemic. And while the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry has been hit...

Briefs: Energy

Electrification of the transportation sector is critical to future energy and environmental resilience and will require high-power fuel cells (either standalone or in conjunction with batteries) to...