Upcoming Webinars: Defense
Common Mode Choke Design and Material Selection

The common mode choke is a critical component in electromagnetic interference filtering. The magnetic material selected is commonly overlooked and is often not evaluated against application requirements. This 30-minute Webinar investigates the relationship between magnetic material...

Question of the Week: Manned Systems
Will Autonomous Trucks Deliver Goods (In the Very-Near Future)?

Just last month, a truck developed by the California-based autonomous-vehicle company TuSimple completed an autonomous 80-mile run from Tucson to Phoenix.

White Papers: Test & Measurement
Analytical Testing Solutions for Medtech Manufacturing

For medtech manufacturers, material and device failures are an unavoidable issue that can plague even the most experienced engineering teams. This paper examines how a strong partnership...

White Papers: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Unique Method for Orifice Production

To produce accurate, repeatable orifices, all the variables that might influence the Cd Value (Coefficient of Discharge) must be controlled during production. This includes the orifice hole length, edges,...

Blog: Energy

An everyday material that we all know well may lead to safer, longer-lasting batteries for the electric vehicle.

White Papers: Medical
Understanding Choked Flow of Gases

Medical equipment applications which handle various gas flows often require a precise, repeatable mass flow rate of gas. Our white paper explains the science behind “Choked Flow” or the condition when...

INSIDER: Sensors/Data Acquisition

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope successfully launched on December 25 on an Ariane 5 rocket from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana, South America. A joint effort with ESA...

INSIDER: Sensors/Data Acquisition

Scientists at the University of Birmingham have succeeded in creating an experimental model of an elusive kind of fundamental particle called a skyrmion in a beam of light. The breakthrough...

INSIDER: Imaging

Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) QVGA Camera

Attollo Engineering (Camarillo, CA) has introduced a quarter-VGA format camera (320 x 256 resolution), based on indium gallium arsenide...

INSIDER: Data Acquisition

Self-flying drones and autonomous taxis that can safely operate in fog may sound futuristic, but new research at Sandia National Laboratories’ fog facility is bringing the...

White Papers: RF & Microwave Electronics
Strategies for Deploying Xilinx’s Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC

Xilinx’s new RFSoC brings a powerful and unique solution for addressing some of the most demanding requirements of high bandwidth and high channel count system. This paper provides...

White Papers: Defense
Putting FPGAs to Work in Software Radio Systems

FPGAs have become an increasingly important resource for software radio systems. Programmable logic technology now offers significant advantages for implementing software radio functions such...

Question of the Week: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Would You Try ‘Intelligent’ Lawn Care?

Our lead story today featured “Best of Innovation” products at CES, including a smart irrigation system called “OtO Lawn.” The cloud-connected system only requires a hose and a Wi-Fi connection. A user goes into their phone and moves a joystick to determine zones requiring lawn care. The...

Blog: Energy
What's so tough about developing a car? A Tech Briefs reader wants to know the most challenging subsystem of the vehicle to build.
White Papers: Power
How Dual-Curing Adhesives (UV Light + Heat ) Improve Manufacturing

For a UV curable adhesive, the cure initiates after exposure to UV light at a wavelength that is specific to the photo-initiator used in the formula. A dual cure adhesive has...

White Papers: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Smart Speaker Acoustic Measurements Application Note

With smart speakers being a relatively new class of consumer audio device with unique characteristics, testing the overall end-to-end performance of a smart speaker’s primary input and...

Blog: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Have a look at the 'Best of Innovation' technologies at CES 2022, including a foldable EV, "see and spray" agriculture, ocean batteries, and more.
White Papers: Test & Measurement
Distributed Port Approach to Network Analyzer Measurements Over Distance

Measuring networks with two ports separated by more than several feet, or in situations where it is hard to place a vector network analyzer in close proximity to the...

White Papers: Materials
Adhesives for Cryogenic Applications

What are the challenges facing applications that operate at cryogenic temperatures? What effect do these low temperatures have on efforts to bond, seal, coat or encapsulate these applications? In this...

Blog: Automotive
Panelists at CES 2022 spoke about the automotive industry's response to customers who have gotten used to life "on demand."
White Papers: Materials
Adhesives for Cryogenic Applications: Case Studies

Specially formulated epoxy systems are capable of maintaining performance at temperatures approaching absolute zero, while delivering the required physical, thermal, and electrical...

White Papers: Aerospace
New High Power Single-Emitter Diodes for Ytterbium Fiber Laser Systems

New fiber-coupled, single-emitter FACTOR diodes from Coherent offer pump powers to 400W at 976nm over a 200µm fiber, making them ideal for lightweight high-power laser...

Question of the Week: Design
Would You Use A.I-Driven Laser Cutters like SensiCut?

Laser cutters are a popular tool for today’s design engineers. Users, however, still face difficulties distinguishing among stockpiles of metals, woods, papers, and plastics.

Blog: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Duke scientists have created a fabric that releases heat once you start sweating.
Application Briefs: Photonics/Optics
The Opti-Scan inspection system can measure surfaces and edges in 3D.
Application Briefs: Photonics/Optics
With advanced tech, mirrors can be made with high accuracy.
Articles: Photonics/Optics
The main Photonics West exhibition opens on Tuesday, January 25.
Articles: Propulsion
With the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), mankind’s understanding of the universe — and its origins — will increase exponentially.
Articles: AR/AI
In the high-tech sector, there's been a shift from “just-in-time” to “just-in-case” inventory strategies.