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SAE's WCX World Congress Experience, will be held from April 18-20, in Detroit, MI.
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The chances are very high that you're familiar with GPS. However, do you know how it came to be? Its trials and tribulations? Take this quiz to find out.
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Betterfrost’s solution defrosts and defogs electric vehicles’ windshields with 20 times less power than current technology and extends the range of an EV by 38 km on an average commute in winter.
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Learn about the technologies being developed at NC State, including vehicle armor, a monitoring patch for plants, and origami-inspired materials.
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Lab Testing Seeks To Improve Tactical Vehicle Gunner Protection

The best way to evaluate the effectiveness of a product is to put it in the hands of the user, obtain feedback, and make adjustments accordingly. With a newly developed Virtual Environment Test Bed, or VETB, scientists and engineers at the Target Behavioral Research Laboratory at...