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There are multiple technologies based on the ToF concept. Generally, all of them are synchronized with a light source and estimate the distance by calculating the time taken for the light to travel from the camera to the object and then back again.
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The new products in September 2022.
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Bulky, heavy LiDAR systems in self-driving cars could be replaced with a single chip.
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The main Photonics West exhibition opens on Tuesday, January 25.
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See what kinds of applications require high-precision laser glass with demanding dimensional tolerances and high-power laser coatings.
Articles: Photonics/Optics
The virtual event offers a mix of live plenary talks, on-demand technical presentations and discussions, online networking and special events.
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Learn how to obtain large signals from hyperspectral imagers.
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This technique offers enhanced resolution and improved system reliability for mapping and obstacle recognition and navigation for vehicles.
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This program provides a relative navigation capability for spacecraft, remotely operated terrestrial vehicles, and machine vision.
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Flight-control and navigation systems inspired by the structure and function of the visual system and brain of insects have been proposed for a class of developmental miniature...

Briefs: Photonics/Optics

An improved version of an optoelectronic apparatus for measuring distances of the order of tens of feet with an error no larger than a small fraction of an inch (a few millimeters) has...

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