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Power electronics are critical for renewable energy. They require special design and testing to ensure that they will reliably perform their critical duties.
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Imagine a technology that can convert, amplify, limit, filter, control, and transform electricity in countless ways to supply power to the electrical grid. These are power electronics, and...

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The drawing machine uses pens with ink containing conductive material or regular mechanical pencils with varying graphite content.
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Leading Sensor Technology for Machine Monitoring

Eddy current sensors belong to the group of inductive displacement sensors and are ideal for industrial applications. Eddy current sensors are ideal for monitoring machinery and equipment...

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Extreme miniaturization of infrared (IR) detectors is critical for their integration into next-generation consumer electronics, wearables and ultra-small satellites. Thus far, however, IR detectors have...

Special Reports: Automotive
Automotive Test & Simulation - November 2022

In this compendium of articles from the editors of Automotive Engineering magazine, learn about the latest simulation and test technologies for ADAS, EV batteries, NVH, vehicle cybersecurity, and...

Special Reports: Medical
Medical Robotics - November 2022

"Millirobots" swimming in your bloodstream...soft robots you can print on demand...cobots hard at work in the test lab. Read about these and other innovative technologies in this compendium of recent articles...

Application Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition
DiaMonTech used the Ophir Pyrocam to measure and characterize all their laser developments.
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New products for November 2022.
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New products on the market in November 2022.
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Only one surface measurement can tell: Will a steel fender and an aluminum door match after painting… Could you?

For automotive paint, surface texture at each step in the painting process can decide the final paint quality. But a...

White Papers: Power
Autoranging: Theory of Operation

Programmable DC power sources are an essential tool in product development and production testing. Functional test often requires submitting the device-under-test (DUT) to a wide range of operating...

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To continue making smartphones, laptops, and other devices more powerful, yet energy efficient, industry is intensely focused on identifying promising...

INSIDER: Nanotechnology

A strain-sensing smart skin developed at Rice University uses very small carbon nanotube structures to monitor and detect damage in large structures. The “strain paint” uses the fluorescent...

White Papers: Test & Measurement
Automotive Industry: Appearance Control and Management

Automotive manufacturers employ strict standards to ensure that every vehicle coming off the assembly line consistently has the right color. The quality control process is paramount to...

Special Reports: RF & Microwave Electronics
RF & Microwave Electronics - October 2022

From battlespace communications to deep space missions, RF electronics are at the heart of new advances in a variety of fields. Read about the latest innovations in this compendium of articles from...

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Optical strain is material independent and measures the response of the integrated system, so designers can get a measure of the true response and strength of their designs.
Briefs: Medical
The final product could make temperature measurements that are 10 times more precise than state-of-the-art techniques, acquired in one-tenth the time in a volume 10,000 times smaller.
Briefs: Medical
Unlike other tests, this test gives an estimate of viral load or the number of virus particles in a sample, which can help doctors monitor the progression of a COVID-19 infection and estimate how contagious a patient might be.
Briefs: Electronics & Computers
An open-access study in Advanced Science outlines the process by which Preston and lead author Faye Yap harnessed a spider’s physiology in a first step toward a novel area of research they call “necrobotics.”
Briefs: Design
Cubic boron arsenide provides high mobility to both electrons and holes, and it has excellent thermal conductivity. It is, according to the researchers, the best semiconductor material ever found.
Briefs: Photonics/Optics
Enter the frequency comb, a Nobel Prize-winning device and the result of decades of research from NIST and others. The comb generates a billion pulses of light per second, which bounce back and forth inside an optical cavity.
Briefs: Medical
The device could transform public health officials’ ability to quickly detect and respond to the coronavirus — or the next pandemic.
Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition
The sensor tags, which are embedded with a processor and memory bank for acquired data, are placed about the vehicle and stream data only when queried by a fixed-location RFID interrogator.
Briefs: Test & Measurement
The innovation opens the door for faster and more affordable at-home medical testing.
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One method for keeping removed carbon out of the atmosphere long-term involves injecting CO2 into rock formations deep underground.
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Full-field optical strain is crucial for composites materials and structures. With the complexity of materials and designs, single-point sensors...

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Gears are sophisticated parts that play a vital role in cars, airplanes, construction and mining equipment, food processing, clock making, and more. And, companies are still trying to make them better...

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Under certain off-nominal conditions, Li-ion cells can generate excessive heat and gas due to the initiation of several exothermic decomposition...