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Briefs: Tubing & Extrusion
The tool straightens thin, malleable 4-mm metal tubes like those used for fuel, pneumatic, or hydraulic pressurized lines.
INSIDER: Motion Control

Combustion engines, propellors, and hydraulic pumps are examples of fluidic devices — instruments that utilize fluids to perform certain functions, such as generating power...

White Papers: Materials
PVC vs. Polyurethane Tubing

Polyurethane and PVC tubing is used in applications involving beverage and dairy transfer, food processing, medical devices, chemicals, fuel and oil transfer, protective jacketing, instrumentation and pneumatics,...

White Papers: Tubing & Extrusion
The Top 20 Tubing and Hose Buying Tips, Part 2

Choosing the right plastic or rubber tubing for your project can sound like a simple task when you just need something to move fluid or gas from point A to point B. But there’s a lot to...

Special Reports: Photonics/Optics
Medical Manufacturing & Outsourcing - February 2022

How virtual, cloud-based technologies are powering the next industrial revolution...transforming plastic parts into high-value products...designing optics for medical 3D printing. Read...

Briefs: Medical
Medical instruments equipped with a soft electronics system improve diagnostic and therapeutic interventions in minimally invasive surgeries.
Briefs: Tubing & Extrusion
The stent monitors even subtle changes in the flow of blood through the artery.
Q&A: Electronics & Computers
A new class of medical instruments uses flexible electronics to improve patient outcomes in minimally invasive surgeries.
Briefs: Nanotechnology
The material consists solely of components that have already been shown to work well in the body.
Briefs: Tubing & Extrusion

The Air Force has developed improved devices for hemostatic management of patients with life-threatening blood loss from an arterial wound or surgery. Current aortic occlusion devices...

Briefs: Packaging & Sterilization

Extremity vascular injury results in bleeding and lack of blood flow beyond the site of vessel disruption (ischemia). Priorities when this occurs include hemorrhage control, management of life-threatening injuries, and...

Techs for License: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Nozzle Produces Ultrafine Droplets

Energy-saving nozzles offer droplet sizes down to 25 microns, at operating pressures as low as 100 psi. Nozzle passages, including metering slots, spin chambers, and exit orifices, are designed to minimize pressure drop, resulting in conservation of pump energy up to the exit orifice.

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