40th Anniversary Reader Contest Winners

Cal Peters, Director of Engineering


San Marcos, CA

Years as a Reader: 30+

Forty years ago, I began my career reading NASA Tech Briefs and still read it to this day. This has been a monthly mainstay during my entire career designing, manufacturing, and testing custom wire and cable for unique applications, including several for Alberto Behar at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and his Antarctic Ice Borehole Probe Task. This work made the cover of Discover magazine in 2013 for the Top 100 Stories of 2013, and I attribute a part of our success to reading NASA Tech Briefs, so I will continue as a loyal subscriber to NASA Tech Briefs and hope to again make the cover of another major magazine before my career is over.

Laurence Winn

Senior Engineer/President

SpaceFarers Corporation

Tucson, AZ

Years as a Reader: 30+

NASA Tech Briefs entered publication the same year I embarked on my engineering career. I have used it as input and inspiration ever since, and compiled a lot of what I read in its pages into a database for IR&D at the Garrett Turbine Engine Division in Phoenix. Much has happened since, including my realization that NASA Tech Briefs is about more than technology transfer. It is also a window into the world of terrestrial and extraterrestrial sustainability.

Gopalakrishna Prabhu

Technical Director

Fine Finish Organics Pvt Ltd

Taloja, Maharashtra, India

Years as a Reader: 1+

Every issue of NASA Tech Briefs makes one wonder “why didn’t I think of it earlier?” The scientific innovations start a thought process of how they can be established in our day-to-day life, whether scientific, industrial, or social. The products that are commercially developed and available give knowledge regarding what is available off the shelf, so that our future programs can be based on these. I wish NASA Tech Briefs a long life to continue the quest for more and more scientific knowledge to improve the quality of life of every individual on Earth.

Narasimha Raju Nagaiah, Licensing Associate

University of Central Florida

Orlando, FL

Years as a Reader: 1+

As a licensing associate in the Office of Technology Transfer, one of my main responsibilities is to assess university inventions and intellectual property, and protect them and transfer them to the marketplace by licensing to a company or startup. My job requires a tremendous amount of technical knowledge in a wide range of fields, from civil engineering to nanotechnology. I was born in a village in India, and as a child, I was fascinated by airplanes and spacecraft, and always wanted to work for NASA. But because of my visa status, it was difficult to achieve that goal. Today, I have no regrets not working for NASA because NASA Tech Briefs brings NASA and other cutting-edge technologies close to me. The attractive part of this magazine is that it is brief and straight to the point without delving into the technical details. It is helping me to significantly sharpen my knowledge, and advance my career as a Technology Transfer Professional. Honestly, I’m addicted to NASA Tech Briefs. Thank you for this very informative magazine. I hope it will continue to instill knowledge in people like me for many more years.

Sachin Mishra

Nanyang Technological University

O Chhawwala, New Delhi, India

Years as a Reader: 1+

NASA Tech Briefs was a boon for my Masters project when I was working on micro air vehicles. On one hand, it provided me the technical advancements, and on the other hand, the advertised products helped me to order some of the GPS-based items that I could get nowhere else.

Larry Hagstrom

Business Development Manager

Sidus Solutions

San Diego, CA

Years as a Reader: 5+

Inspiration, motivation, and confidence – that is how NASA Tech Briefs has helped me over the years. I began as a 3D animator only thinking I could make pretty pictures, which evolved into product and architectural design, and finally into engineering and manufacturing. At Sidus Solutions, we develop cameras and lights to go to the most extreme place on earth: the bottom of the sea. I watched with pride when our pan and tilt units were installed in NASA’s own buoyancy pool with our camera attached. In short, NASA Tech Briefs has been inspirational, motivational, and has kept me engrossed in the ever-changing world of science.

Glenn Rosenthal, President

Ulyssix Technologies, Inc.

Frederick, MD

Years as a Reader: 15+

I started an electronic company that designs, develops, and produces telemetry ground support equipment that I targeted for the NASA aerospace market in 2000. NASA Tech Briefs in paper form and then in electronic form has been a major source of new product announcements that has allowed me to continue to advance the technology of my company’s products. NASA Tech Briefs allows me to streamline my search for new technology instead of having to review multiple electronic publications. I have stopped receiving all other electronic publications. I hope NASA Tech Briefs continues for the next 40 years advancing the market’s knowledge of technology related to the NASA aerospace marketplace. Thanks, NASA Tech Briefs.

Tevfik Altan

Mechanical Engineer

Altan Hidrolik Muh.A.S.

Istanbul, Turkey

Years as a Reader: 1+

I just started receiving NASA Tech Briefs in 2015, and I very much enjoy reading it.

Richard Kalian

Chief Engineer

KBR Consulting

North Chelmsford, MA

Years as a Reader: 20+

I was able to find a plastic I needed in NASA Tech Briefs.

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