40th Anniversary Reader Contest Winners

Juan Antonio Ramirez Bustos


Gestion Empresarial Tecnologica SA

Guadalajara, Mexico

Years as a Reader: 1+

NASA Tech Briefs is a useful tool for new developments in prototypes and innovative industrial solutions. For me and my technology consulting company, it is a great treasure to receive technology updates and application tools to facilitate the productive value chain in sectors in which we work, such as automotive. Tech Briefs helps me stay professionally updated on communications technology.

Justin Sinnett



Grottoes, VA

Years as a Reader: 1+

Congratulations on turning 40! I just found out about the magazine and have only read four issues. That being said, your magazine is amazing and I have come up with some ideas. Good luck on another 40 years, and keep up the great work!

Carlos Gamez

CFI, Inc.

Lakeland, FL

Years as a Reader: 1+

There are many ways NASA Tech Briefs helped my business and me as an individual. This magazine shows available products to use for almost any industry. Also, it allows businesses and consumers to get an insight on NASA. It delivers exceptional articles on how technology is advancing over time. I commend NASA Tech Briefs for their reports of technology and where we are headed.

Nitin Khedkar

Symbiosis International University

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Years as a Reader: 1+

Being an Associate Professor, I guide technology students in their degree projects. The advances and information from NASA Tech Briefs help me in guiding these students in the right direction. The magazine updates me with inventions in material sciences and technology. Though I am from mechanical engineering, the information I receive through the magazine explores the possibility of doing joint research with other streams of engineering. The free webinars from NASA Tech Briefs help many of the students in their projects. I congratulate NTB for completing 40 years and wish all the very best for the future.

Silvia Antenucci

QMS Manager

Sofiter System Engineering SpA

Turin, Italy

Years as a Reader: 1+

I am not an engineer, and for me it has always been a bit difficult to understand the engineering world in which I have worked since 1989. And in the last three years, NASA Tech Briefs helped me so much and in many different ways. I always send the link to my colleagues who may be interested in it, and in doing so, I have reinforced their esteem towards me and my knowledge of this world, in spite of my different educational background. So they trust in me and we feel part of the same team, able to reach the goals we need to reach. Reading NASA Tech Briefs is also so interesting and fascinating! It provides a great opportunity to dive into the aerospace and technology world and swim through it.

Giorgio Giacaglia


University of Sao Paulo (retired)

Tremembe, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Years as a Reader: 20+

NASA Tech Briefs has been an open window to advanced science and technology. I achieved my Ph. D. in Astronomy from Yale University, and had the great opportunity of spending a summer at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. When I returned to Brazil, I enjoyed many opportunities to keep updated, receiving a wealth of information from NASA Tech Briefs. This was decisive additional knowledge that led me to the position of Dean of the Institute of Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Later on, NASA technology information was a great support in my position of Director of Science and Technology of the Brazilian Space Agency. Reading NASA Tech Briefs was also important in my work as a consultant in space technology with American-based private companies and government institutions such as the US Navy and the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. I prize NASA’s way of disseminating free technology information for the benefit of scientists.

Tom Norton


Tom Norton Designs

Cambridge, MA

Years as a Reader: 30+

I thought you were older than 40 years! That was only 1976, and I thought that I had been getting those 20-page tan-covered pamphlets before then. It was years later when you introduced the present magazine format with full-color covers and advertisements. One of the best tips I ever got in NASA Tech Briefs was how to smooth out silicone caulking when applied to seams by using a cube of ice. I don't know how many plumbers I have told that to over the years, and many didn't believe me until they tried it.

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