NASA Tech Needs

NASA Tech Needs
Gaseous Helium (GHe) Conservation and Recovery

John C. Stennis Space Center provides rocket engine propulsion testing for the NASA space programs. Since the development of the Space Shuttle, every Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) has gone through acceptance testing before going to Kennedy Space Center for integration into the Space Shuttle. The...

NASA Tech Needs
3D and/or Flock Printing Technology

A company seeks a printing capability and/or technology that creates a physical 3D texture that is tactile and soft (but not rubbery) in nature onto a flat or curved plastic surface made of polyethylene, polypropylene, or polyester material. This 3D printing enhances the product experience for the consumer by...

NASA Tech Needs
High-Temperature Brine Viscosifier

A company seeks to increase the viscosity of brine solutions containing both mono and multivalent salts. Targeted brines may contain up to 80% weight of salt. Viscosity must stay the same up to 150°C. The thickened brine should have a yield value of the order of 1Pa (or higher) and a shear thinning behavior....

NASA Tech Needs
Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics - Mesh Generation

NASA’s work in advanced aeronautics and space vehicle development relies on advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) codes such as FUN3D that rely on numerical solution of equations of motion over a discrete mesh of points in three dimensions. A judicious placement of points is...

Tech Needs
Generating Sodium Hydroxide from Sodium Sulfate and Calcium Hydroxide

A company produces crystalline sodium sulfate as a byproduct, using sodium hydroxide as one of many feeds within the process. They seek to use the available compounds to produce it in situ. The company seeks a process that uses sodium sulfate and calcium oxide to produce...

NASA Tech Needs
Manufacturing Method for Joining Elastic Materials

A company seeks methods of joining identical elastic materials. The current method is to use adhesives to bond the elastic components physically, but adhesives lack the strength of a chemical bond or weld. A method of joining or bonding natural or synthetic rubber in a way that can withstand a...

NASA Tech Needs
Highly Power-Aware Digital Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Radio

As NASA embarks upon deep-space human exploration, the next-generation extravehicular activity (EVA) radio will be a pivotal technology and an integral part of lunar surface systems success. It facilitates surface operations, enables crew mobility, and supports point to multi-point...

NASA Tech Needs
Topical Products to Suppress Pain During Epilation

A company is seeking topically applied products and/or chemical technologies to eliminate or suppress pain sensation associated with epilation of undesired hair from skin. Pain elimination or suppression should be quick (<5 minutes) upon application on skin, and the effect should be temporary...

NASA Tech Needs
Crush/Cut-Resistant Safety Glove

A company seeks existing materials that can be utilized in applications for a safety glove. This material must be cutresistant, flexible, and withstand oily, wet, muddy conditions. The material covering the top of the hand and fingers must be extremely flexible and designed to protect the hand and digits from...

NASA Tech Needs
NASA Geostationary Coastal and Air Pollution Monitoring

The Geostationary Coastal and Air Pollution Events (GEO-CAPE) mission has been recommended for launch in the 2013-2016 time frame by the National Research Council. The mission’s purpose is to gather science that identifies human versus natural sources of aerosols and ozone precursors,...

NASA Tech Needs
Delivery System to Modify Release of Organic Agricultural Compound

A company’s current product is applied in granular or prill form, and a coating acts to inhibit the release of the product within. The company is looking for a method to modify the release of the organic compound. The compound becomes active when it comes into contact with...

NASA Tech Needs
Technology to Convert, Concentrate, or Dry Oil-Based Emulsions, Dispersions, or Liquids Into a Dry Powder Form

A company supplies a variety of chemicals, including inverse emulsions that consist of a very-high-molecular weight, water-soluble polymer dispersed in a continuous oil phase. The typical ratio of the key components is approximately...

NASA Tech Needs
Technology for Improved Performance of Release Agents in Die Casting

A materials company supplying specialty technical products to the foundry industry is seeking technology to allow a stepchange in performance of release agents/die lubricants for high-pressure die casting of non-ferrous (e.g. aluminium) components. Areas of interest include...

NASA Tech Needs
In-Store Hair Analysis Tools

A company is seeking tools and devices that can be used instore to quickly classify hair types based on measured hair properties like hair thickness and/or damage level. Technologies include hair diagnostic devices/tools that can evaluate at least one of the following parameters: structure information; physical...

NASA Tech Needs
Large Aperture Inflatable/Deployable Antennas and Their Role in NASA’s Vision for Space Exploration and Earth Science

As NASA evolves its vision for space exploration and Earth science, greater demands are placed on advanced communications and sensing systems to allow for higher data-rate communications from the Moon, Mars, and beyond, as well...

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