NASA Tech Needs

NASA Tech Needs:
Connection of Two Rubber-Impregnated Cloth Surfaces

A way is sought to allow consumers to connect and disconnect two rubber-impregnated cloth surfaces in a consistent manner that is easy to assemble and disassemble. The cloth surfaces are in close...

NASA Tech Needs:
Technologies to Enhance Moisture, Vapor Transmission

A company is looking for environmentally inert methods to change the moisture management properties of conventional apparel textiles. The moisture management effect changes the way in which...

NASA Tech Needs:
New Coating Chemistries with Excellent Outdoor Durability

A multinational advanced materials company is seeking wet coating technologies that show excellent weathering and durability. The coatings need to be applied to glass substrates. The...

NASA Tech Needs:
Flame-Resistant Fastening Between Two Fabrics

A flame-resistant fastening between two fabrics is sought, and must be simple to operate. The connection should resist frequent flexing, and must have a breaking strength of 120 kilogram-force. If...

NASA Tech Needs:
Eliminate Color Fading in Washable Cotton Garments

Cotton garments, especially dark-colored garments, lose their initial color through repeated washings and exposure to sunlight. Needed is a new technology or technology system that will give...

NASA Tech Needs:
Frizzy Hair Control

Materials and compounded products are sought that, when deposited on hair from a leave-on or rinse-off conditioner, will control frizzy hair and leave a positive feel to the hair. Any solution must be non-toxic and safe for use...

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