NASA Tech Needs

NASA Tech Needs:
Materials that Form Mesh-Based Sheets

Materials exist that provide optical clarity, but the fabricmaking process drives the costs too high. A company seeks cost-effective materials and technologies that will form meshbased sheets exhibiting...

NASA Tech Needs:
Packaging Defect Detection

Consumers desire dent-free packages and properly affixed labels on 3D rigid packaging. A client seeks an automated system that will check the quality of these labels, and will detect, measure, and record critical...

NASA Tech Needs:
Naturally Derived Chemicals Exhibiting Pesticidal Effects

A company seeks biorational approaches to new pesticides. “Biorational” approaches include processes, organisms, or chemistries that occur spontaneously in nature. By isolating these...

NASA Tech Needs:
Natural Ingredients for Foods That Improve Insulin Sensitivity

Healthy people and pre-diabetic individuals may have a reduced sensitivity (or resistance) to insulin. A company seeks natural ingredients that can be added to foods that...

NASA Tech Needs:
Indoor Air Quality Improvements

A company wants to decrease the frequency and severity of respiratory illness in homes with adults, teens, and children. Affordable indoor air quality improvement solutions must be provided to consumers via an...

NASA Tech Needs:
Air and Moisture Removal Within Closed Containers

Many types of food spoilage are slowed when air and moisture are removed from around the food. Current removal solutions, however, are expensive, take up too much space, and require complicated...

NASA Tech Needs:
NASA Medical Capabilities for Space Missions

Ensuring the health, safety, and effective performance of astronauts is critical to the human exploration of space. During missions to the Moon, Mars, or asteroids, crewmembers must have access to...

NASA Tech Needs:
Increased Steel Surface Friction

An organization seeks innovative processes or coatings for steel. The application requires that a normal force be applied between two lubricated steel surfaces. Excessive normal force results in system power...

NASA Tech Needs:
Halogen-Free Fire Retardants

A company must achieve standard, non-halogenated fire retardancy on cabling. Methods may include plastic compounds, coatings, polymers, or additives. The UL tests define the fire-retardant properties that the cable...

NASA Tech Needs:
Long-Term Data Acquisition, Command, and Control of Spaceflight-Quality Laser Systems

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center is a leader in developing satellite-based laser technology for remote sensing measurements of the Earth and other planetary...

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