NASA Tech Needs

NASA Tech Needs:
Manufacturing Methods to Deposit Inorganic Material Layers on Metal Substrates

A company seeks alternative ways of preparing crucibles for the vapor deposition process. Currently, up to a kilogram of an alkalihalide salt is melted electrically...

NASA Tech Needs:
At-Home Medical Diagnostic and Monitoring Technologies

New home-use and point-of-care diagnostic medical technologies are needed. The diagnostics kits should monitor diseases not easily measured. Testing may be done within the device, or the...

NASA Tech Needs:
Friction Reduction of Steel Surfaces

A global organization needs innovative technologies that will decrease the surface friction between steel surfaces. Thin, 0.2-mm steel components must come into shear contact with each other, resulting in...

NASA Tech Needs:
Improved Efficiency of Jet Engines

By minimizing the distance between the rotating vanes of a turbine and the static case structure housing the rotating blades, a client seeks to improve the efficiency of jet engines. Eliminating system leakage...

NASA Tech Needs:
Aeronautics Test Program

NASA Dryden Flight Research Center (DFRC) is one of four NASA centers that supports NASA’s Aeronautics Test Program (ATP). The ATP ensures the long-term availability and health of NASA’s major wind tunnels, ground...

NASA Tech Needs:
Pathogen Inactivation Technologies

Although there are highly sensitive methods for pathogen detection in donor blood, the risk of infection via transfusion remains. A customer seeks methods to inactivate all known and unknown blood-borne...

NASA Tech Needs:
Structural Detection of Welded Steel Regions

A non-destructive test mechanism is needed to detect fracture toughness, hardness, and microstructure properties of 1/8" steel weld zones. The device must measure the characteristics of flash upset...

NASA Tech Needs:
Technologies for Large-Scale Numerical Simulation

NASA Ames Research Center is home to the world’s seventh most powerful supercomputer, Pleiades. Named after the star cluster, it represents NASA’s state-of-the-art technology for...

NASA Tech Needs:
Stainless Steel Surface Treatment

A treatment for stainless steel must impart high-release properties on par with non-stick coatings. The method should modify the surface of the stainless steel, but not reduce any of its existing properties,...

NASA Tech Needs:
A More Efficient Turbo Propulsion System

Using higher exhaust exit temperatures, a company needs to improve the efficiency of a turbo propulsion system. Methods should reduce component weight primarily in the core compressor component (or...

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