NASA Tech Needs

NASA Tech Needs:
Rheology Modification for Phase-Inversion Mini-Emulsion Formulation

An organization seeks expertise or technology to modify the viscosity of a mini-emulsion during storage to prevent leakage of the liquid from its container at 35 °C and above....

NASA Tech Needs:
Cathode Assembly for Molten Regolith Electrolysis

The production of oxygen and metals from off-Earth planetary materials (regolith or rocks) is an important focus area of technology development led by the In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU)...

NASA Tech Needs:
Mitigation of Rupturing LO2 Vent line

Stennis Space Center (SSC) has performed extensive large-scale (200 klbf to 7 Mlbf thrust) rocket engine propulsion testing beginning with the Apollo program, extending through the Shuttle program, and...

NASA Tech Needs:
Rendering 3D Simulations from Commercial Geographic Databases

A company needs to quickly and realistically render a 4 × 4 km landscape, complete with accurate roads, buildings, and similar landmarks in accurate colors, based on data from...

NASA Tech Needs:
Lightweight Material as a Replacement for Steel Containers

An organization seeks a low-weight material that can replace the heavy weight of steel, but withstand the physical and chemical demands of automotive applications. The alternative material...

NASA Tech Needs:
Carbon Nanotubes for Stray Light Suppression

Bright light from sources such as the Earth or bright stars is scattered on surfaces of scientific instruments and creates noise in scientific observations. All scientific instruments have baffles,...

NASA Tech Needs:
Cooling of a Self-Contained Portable HSDAS Unit

John C. Stennis Space Center (SSC) provides rocket engine propulsion testing for NASA’s space programs. There are occasions when it would be useful to have a portable, mobile data acquisition...

NASA Tech Needs:
NASA Planetary Balloon Technology Needs

Innovations in materials, structures, and systems concepts have enabled buoyant vehicles to play an expanding role in planning NASA’s future Solar System Exploration Program. Balloons and aerobots...

NASA Tech Needs:
Improving Reliability of Atmosphere Revitalization Technologies

Atmosphere revitalization (AR) systems control carbon dioxide, humidity, and trace chemical contaminant levels in a crewed spacecraft cabin atmosphere to provide a safe, habitable...

NASA Tech Needs:
Treatment System to Enable Re-Use of Waste Water

An organization seeks a low-cost way to render dirty, contaminant-filled water clean enough to use for washing or sanitary purposes. The treatment system should reduce dirt particles, lower pH...

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