NASA Tech Needs

NASA Tech Needs
Oxygen Barrier Coating on Anodized Aluminum Substrate

A company is interested in licensing a film material that can be printed, sprayed, or transferred onto an anodized aluminum surface, such that the applied layer prevents oxygen from reaching and reacting with copper or other colored metals that are electro-deposited into the alumina pores....

NASA Tech Needs
Thermal and Mechanical Stability Challenges for the LISA Mission

LISA (Laser Interferometer Space Antenna) is one of the most challenging missions to be undertaken by NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA). This mission will provide, among other data products, direct proof of the existence of Gravitational Waves. The LISA instrument measures...

NASA Tech Needs
Sanitizing and Disinfection Methods Without UV, Chemicals, or Liquid

A company seeks a way to disinfect and sanitize hands and surfaces that does not depend on chemicals for bacteria kill, does not involve applying liquid, and does not use UV light. The method may be active or passive and must kill or remove microbes from a surface (hands or...

NASA Tech Needs
High-Barrier Flexible Food Packaging for Long-Duration Storage

A company seeks a flexible, non-foil, food-grade packaging that offers high oxygen and moisture barriers. The packaging must withstand high-temperature processing, high-pressure processing, or microwave processing. It should be lightweight, and able to protect food for up to five...

NASA Tech Needs
Portable Diagnostic Scanning Systems for Remote Environments

A company seeks miniaturized (less than 50 lbs.) portable equipment to perform magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computerized tomography (CT), X-ray, and other non-ultrasound diagnostic scans. The equipment must produce a minimum of ionizing radiation and is intended for medical care...

NASA Tech Needs
Printable Electrical Heating Element or Film Bonded to Metal Surface

A firm is seeking materials that can be printed, sprayed, or transferred onto a metal surface (copper, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, nickel, chrome) as a film so that, when connected to a power source, become hot and heat the metal surface to ~400 °F. The heating film or...

NASA Tech Needs
Parametric Design and Analysis to Support Model-Based Systems Engineering Using SysML

What is commonly called Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) proposes to replace traditional document-centric approaches to systems engineering with model-centric approaches in which the complete definition of the system or product is captured in a single...

NASA Tech Needs
Ammonium Probe-Type Sensor for Biofermentation Process Monitoring

A company seeks a probe-type ammonium sensor that can stand up to high temperatures and pressure during the sterilization step for fermentation, and that can deliver real-time concentration information during fermentation. The fermentation processes used require up to 60 hours to...

NASA Tech Needs
Anti-Fouling Technologies for Hard Surfaces

A company seeks components to make up one or more systems that can remove surface contamination (biofilms), lime scum, and lime scale buildup; ameliorate water hardness, mold, mildew, and similar spores; and handle soap scum and remove surface detritus from a variety of materials. These components...

NASA Tech Needs : Aerospace
Icing Protection for Composite UAV Aircraft

NASA is expanding the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) fabricated from composite materials as aerial platforms to carry scientific payloads for science and environmental missions. The UAV brings an unprecedented capability for extended flight duration (over 24 hours on station) to provide...

NASA Tech Needs
Carbon-Based Nanotubes that Scale with Better Conductivity

A company seeks carbon nanotubes for conductive applications that, polymerized in bulk, can offer better conductivity than carbon materials in use today, and which are lighter in weight than current non-carbon conductors. The nanotubes should have conductivity approaching that of copper...

NASA Tech Needs
System for Qualitative Analysis of Microorganisms

A company is seeking a system or method for qualitative analysis of microorganisms that can then classify them according to their taxonomy, thus identifying them. The company needs to formulate a new, single, robust assay that classifies a microorganism if known, and if unknown by the assay,...

NASA Tech Needs
Identifying Environmentally Friendly Coatings that Protect in Harsh Environments

NASA coats metallic structures and ground support equipment to guard against the adverse effects of corrosion and to ensure they meet or exceed intended performance life. These coatings include inorganic zinc coatings, primer and/or intermediate coatings, finish...

NASA Tech Needs
Ideas and Protocols to Differentiate Terrestrial Life from Indigenous Exobiological Life

No protocol exists to determine whether life found on other planets or in space is indigenous to its locale, or is the result of contamination from probes sent by Earth. NASA seeks such a protocol in anticipation of manned exploration of Mars. The protocol...

NASA Tech Needs
Polymer/Carbon or Other Materials With Conductivity Approaching Copper and Aluminum

A company seeks a weight-saving alternative to sheets and wires of copper and aluminum that can operate at specific frequencies. The company wants to replace conductive casings, conductors, wires, grounding plates, and similar electronics structures with other...

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