Fiber Pump Laser


(San Jose, CA) has introduced a high-power, uncooled multimode pump laser module for fiber laser pumping that combines high power with high reliability and stable performance. The new multimode pump laser module offers increased brightness and higher reliability than previous modules. The uncooled module,...
LED Chips
(Durham, NC) has released two new LED chips: the MegaBright 290 Gen 2 and the RazerThin 230. The MegaBright 290 Gen 2, a high-brightness chip, is 30 percent brighter and uses 8 percent less power than the chip it replaces. This new chip is targeted for digital camera, camera phone flash, and LCD backlighting applications, where brightness...
Fiber Laser Design Software

Liekki Application Designer v3.0 from Liekki (Way Gambrills, MD) is a simulation and design software environment for fiber lasers and amplifiers with new transient analysis capability. Liekki’s v3.0 provide the ability to simulate the dynamic regime and transients of active components, as well as new components such...

Progressive Scan Camera

JAI’s (San Jose, CA) CV-A436 machine vision camera uses the latest generation of VGA resolution progressive scan 1⁄3-in. imager that allows the compact head size of 17 mm (diameter) and 46 mm (length). The head is connected to the controller via a detachable robotics-grade 2-m cable. The controller box measures 29 ×...

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