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Briefs : Transportation
Design Software Identifies a Product's Performance Tradeoffs
Jun 1, 2019 ... Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge. Designing any product — from complex car parts to wrenches — is a balancing act with ...
Briefs : Medical
Engineering Devices to Treat Epilepsy
Jan 1, 2010 ... Intelligent implantable epilepsy devices will likely be tuned to individual patients, and may need to predict events rather than merely detect ...
On-Demand Webinars : Photonics/Optics
Freeform Optics Design for Illumination Applications
Freeform optical elements give designers new and exciting degrees of freedom when it comes to designing optics for illumination applications. These same ...
Briefs : Medical
Design Considerations for Battery Connectors
Design Considerations for Battery Connectors
Aug 23, 2019 ... As medical devices become more portable and miniaturized, their power connections must evolve to meet these demands.
Design Considerations for Battery Connectors
Articles : Automotive
Automotive Engineering: The Future is Today
Mar 1, 2012 ... The Ford Focus Electric is the industry's first car to feature 100 percent sustainable clean technologies in interior materials, including seat ...
On-Demand Webinars : Electronics & Computers
Solutions for Digital Battery Engineering
Batteries are the new fuel tanks in electric vehicles (EVs). However, they are highly complex systems requiring advanced engineering methods from chemistry to ...
Briefs : Robotics, Automation & Control
Engineering Soft Materials that Mimic Neural Tissue
Engineering Soft Materials that Mimic Neural Tissue
Oct 1, 2018 ... The materials could lead to autonomous soft robotics, dual sensors and actuators for soft exoskeletons, or artificial skins.
Engineering Soft Materials that Mimic Neural Tissue
Articles : Electronics & Computers
Executive Forum: Electronics Design
Executive Forum: Electronics Design
Feb 21, 2019 ... As ubiquitous as electronics are today, they are finding even more uses as Internet of Things (IoT) applications expand. Tech Briefs posed ...
Executive Forum: Electronics Design
Articles : Robotics, Automation & Control
Reducing Machine Controller Design and Deployment
Aug 1, 2012 ... Machine design and deployment requires integration of various technologies such as controls, mechanics, vision, lasers, data acquisition, and ...
White Papers : Test & Measurement
Finding the Right Manufacturer for Your Design
To receive a quality PCB, you need an efficient design and a manufacturer capable of producing it. This paper will examine the challenges and best practices ...