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Health and Medicine

Spinoff: Health and Medicine
Striding Towards Better Physical Therapy

A new rehabilitative device promises to improve physical therapy for patients working to regain the ability to walk after facing traumatic injuries or a degenerative illness. Produced by Enduro Medical Technology, of East Hartford, Connecticut, the Secure Ambulation Module (S.A.M.) creates a stable and...

Spinoff: Health and Medicine
New Modular Camera No Ordinary Joe

Although dubbed “Little Joe” for its small-format characteristics, a new wavefront sensor camera has proved that it is far from coming up short when paired with high-speed, low-noise applications. SciMeasure Analytical Systems, Inc., a provider of cameras and imaging accessories for use in biomedical...

Spinoff: Health and Medicine
Monitoring Outpatient Care

Each year, health care costs for managing chronically ill patients increase as the life expectancy of Americans continues to grow. To handle this situation, many hospitals, doctors’ practices, and home care providers are turning to disease management, a system of coordinated health care interventions and...