News : Green Design & Manufacturing
Monitoring Plutonium Contamination

Five years from now, scientists will be able to better determine how, when, and why plutonium moves in soil and groundwater. The way to predict how plutonium is transported in groundwater away from a site is by looking at the dominant geochemical processes that control plutonium's (Pu) behavior in the...

News : Energy
Saving Energy With Artifical Noise

Ecological and economic factors are prompting telecommunications companies to deploy energy-saving systems. Scientists at Germany's Fraunhofer Institute for Communication Systems ESK provide a solution that combines existing methods - which network providers could implement immediately.

News : Energy
Feather Fibers Fluff Up Hydrogen Storage Capacity

Scientists have developed a new hydrogen storage method - carbonized chicken feather fibers - that can hold vast amounts of hydrogen, and do it at a far lower cost than other hydrogen storage systems. The research could help overcome some of the hurdles to using hydrogen fuel in cars, trucks, and...

News : Energy
Sensing Method Checks Refrigerant Levels, Saves Energy

A new “virtual refrigerant charge sensor" saves energy and servicing costs by indicating when air conditioners are low on refrigerant, preventing the units from working overtime. Engineers at Purdue University developed the sensing technique, which is particularly practical for automotive...

News : Green Design & Manufacturing
Computing Cost-Effective Pollution Control Strategies

A new tool could help in choosing the best ways to control pollution on even the smallest of waterways. The tool analyzes data from an area, and can compute the most cost-effective pollution-control strategies for water resources affected by agriculture in just a few hours - a process that...

News : Energy
A Step Toward Producing Plastic from Biomass

Researchers with Berkeley Lab and the University of California (UC) Berkeley have discovered a mild and relatively inexpensive procedure for removing oxygen from biomass. This procedure, if it can be effectively industrialized, could allow many of today’s petrochemical products, including plastics,...

News : Energy
New “Electronic Glue” Could Accelerate Advances in Solar Cells

Researchers at the University of Chicago and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have developed an “electronic glue” that could speed up advances in semiconductor-based technologies, including solar cells and thermoelectric devices that convert sun light and waste heat,...

News : Energy
World's First Full-Scale Floating Windmill to Undergo Testing

News of the world's first full-scale floating windmill being built spread over a year ago. Now, the Hywind has reached its final destination, where it will face rigorous testing. The Hywind concept combines known technologies in a novel way: a 2.3 MW wind turbine is attached to the...

News : Energy
Flexible Solar Cell Technology Lights Up Bus Shelter

New flexible solar cell technology, developed by engineering researchers at McMaster University of Hamilton, Ontario, has been installed in a campus bus shelter to provide power lighting for night-time transit users. The ability to bend the solar cells to fit the curved roof of the bus shelter...

News : Aerospace
Join the Celebration! NASA Turns 50

This year, NASA celebrates its 50th anniversary, which will be observed on October 1. All year, NASA Tech Briefs will join in the celebration, highlighting technology innovations and epic moments in NASA history, leading to our special 50th Anniversary Issue in October.

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